Different Types of Employee Monitoring Software In 2024

Types of employee software

Employee Monitoring Software – The most amazing tool in today’s work environment. Such applications act like messiahs when it comes to analyzing employee behavior, work time utilization, & more. Software such as DeskTrack is available in 3 modes: Desklite, Stealth, & Tagger, each with its features & pricing. Today, we will talk about all these modes & features, so, let’s get straight into it.

An introduction to Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software are application specially designed for employee screening purposes. This is done to keep a tab on employee activities & track efficiency & productivity levels.

Employee monitoring software such as DeskTrack also provides time tracking along with other useful features such as URL & application tracking, automatic attendance marking, idle & work hours tracking, & more.

Overall, data from such apps can be used for behavior & performance analytics, resulting in improved efficiency & productivity. Next, we will discuss the different modes of the app.

Different Modes of Employee Monitoring Software

1. DeskLite

DeskLite is the light version, which offers basic features for employee monitoring. It’s affordable for small & medium-scale businesses, & freelancers. Let’s take a look at the features of this employee tracking software mode.

  • Silent / Invisible Working with Auto Login / Logout

The employee management system runs in the background without the employees being able to pause & resume tracking. The application will also log in & log out automatically without the user knowing. This feature is great for tracking staff without disturbing workflows.

  • Admin Login

Administrators can view the entire screen of their employees, access team reports, & assign roles from their dashboard via the employee tracking software

  • Desktop Activity Logs

View insightful details on the desktop activities of your employees. Evaluating these accurate logs is the best way to check efficiency levels & identify top performers.

  • Working & Idle Hours

The best employee monitoring software also tracks the work time utilization of your employees. Managers can get a transparent view of working & idle hours. Evaluating these logs against the work hour requirements will let you know who is going the extra mile for your company’s benefits.

  • Online / Offline Tracking

With DeskLite – the basic mode of employee monitoring software, the tracking will never stop, even if there is no internet. However, the data will only sync when the user is back online.

  • Application Tracking

DeskLite provides you this amazing feature for monitoring the applications, which your employees are using. The employee tracking software in India will let you know in real-time who is researching on Google.com & who is listening to songs on YouTube.

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2. Stealth

This mode of the employee monitoring tool is a slightly upgraded version, which offers all the features of DeskLite with some advanced features. This one is affordable for small & medium scale businesses. Given below are the features you get when you purchase a subscription for this mode.

  • Admin, Managers, & User Login

With Stealth mode, you get 3 different logins for Admin, managers, & users. Each of these will have their separate online dashboards & can only check data relevant to them.

  1. Administrators can see team reports, and employees’ screens, assign roles, & do more with employee monitoring software.
  2. Managers can view the performance data of their teams only.
  3. Users or employees will only get their own individual performance metrics.
  • URL & Filename Tracking

This feature of the employee monitoring application is among the most frequently used. The software will track the URL paths along with the time spent on each. Evaluating this data will assist you in devising the best solution for optimized time & resource management. Other than tracking URLs, the application also tracks file names & logs them for you.

  • Whitelist / Blacklist Apps & URLs

Another great feature of the tool for monitoring productivity is blacklisting & whitelisting. For instance, you can mark social media websites as unproductive & put them on the blacklist. On the other hand, you can put research websites in a whitelist. Overall, the frequency of visiting blacklisted & whitelisted websites acts as a good factor for calculating productivity & efficiency.

  • Productivity Calculator

As the name suggests, this feature of the staff tracking tool calculates the most accurate levels of productivity of your employees based on blacklisting, whitelisting, & the time spent on specified URLs.

  • Mobile & Email Reporting

The Employee Monitoring Software also allows managers to see reports on their smartphones. These reports can also be emailed for further evaluation.

  • Idle Time Configuration

The employee monitoring system also allows managers to set up idle time for employees. Exceeding this time away from the system is considered unproductive.

  • Cost Analysis

The application also allows for accurate cost analysis. Know, whether your company is enjoying profits or paying losses with the help of cost data on projects, teams, and resources.

  • Fixed Hours Tracking

Setting the fixed hours in the employee monitoring software is also possible. The application will not monitor any activity outside this duration. For example, you can set it between 9:00 AM & 5:00 PM.

  • Organizational Hierarchy Mapping

The employee monitoring tool also offers the feature of mapping hierarchy to any number of positions and levels. Establish complete transparency as each user will only see data and reports relevant to them.

  • Active Directory Integration

Integrating the employee monitoring software with remote systems is also possible and can be done within a few clicks.

  • Department-Wise Reporting

The application can also categorize reports department-wise, maintaining perfect hierarchy and synchronization during employee monitoring tasks.

  • Meeting App Categorization

The application also lets you categorize meeting applications into productive and productive. You can also set time tracking options on these applications. Furthermore, manually logging in internal meeting time is also possible.

  • Role-Based Access

The staff tracking application also offers role-based access to individuals. All users only see relevant information and maintain transparency. For example, managers can only track performance of their own teams.

  • Automated Screenshots

The employee monitoring software can also take automated screenshots at a given frequency. Setting this interval is completely flexible and you can set any value, which suits your requirements.

Modes of Employee Monitoring

3. Tagger

Tagger mode is a complete package of the employee tracking system with all the features included. This one is affordable for medium & large-scale businesses & offers all the features of DeskLite & Stealth mode except for silent / invisible working with a few add-ons. However, small-scale businesses & freelancers can also afford it, if they keep a budget.

  • Visible Working

Employees will be aware that they are being tracked and can also view the employee monitoring solution icon. Your staff can also check their productivity metrics manually by opening their online dashboard.

  • File Name & Path Tracking

With the employee tracking software application, tracking file names, paths, and time spent working on them is also automated.

  • Roster Management

Team monitoring software such as DeskTrack also allow you to manage employees with varying shifts easily and hassle-free.

  • Task Logger

The tracking application allows individual users to manually log their tasks with time spent, status, and category. This data is fed date-wise and is sent to their manager, leader, boss, or any allotted executive of upper position in the hierarchy.

  • Pause / Resume App Tracking

Employees can also pause the staff tracker, refresh, rejuvenate, and resume working whenever they are ready. This is a great feature of applications such as DeskTrack for preventing overwhelm and burnouts in employees.


With that, we conclude our blog on Employee Monitoring Software Modes & we hope you got valuable information. To summarize, we gave you a brief into the software, & described the modes with their features. If you are looking for the best employee tracking application, choose DeskTrack & boost productivity up to 40% within a week.

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