The Role of Work Environment in Productivity and Efficiency: A Complete Guide

The Role of Work Environment in Productivity and Efficiency

It might be the question of debate, the environment in which work and stay silently builds our subconscious for that habit. If you want to drink water sufficiently, then put a water bottle in front of you and observe water intake increase. Similarly, If you are on a diet and processed food, avoid sweet and processed foods then stop buying them and reach, that will not trigger you to grab it. That means, as a psychological behavior, what even is in close reach and visibility every time we consume it effortlessly. Rather Than things beyond our reach. In this blog post, we will talk about the role of the work environment in productivity and efficiency, and some useful tips to increase work productivity and efficiency.

The Role of Work Environment in WFH Productivity:-

1. Avoid Distraction WFH:

This also applies in our work environment. If we work from home (WFH) we are casual, and if we do not have a separate working area then we easily get distracted with small things, like a doorbell rings, your kid asking for help, your housemate requires some help and so on. So, WFH on hand gives lots of room for flexibility, saves travel time, avoids office colleagues disturbance but creating a working environment to stay productive at home is very difficult.

2. Working Postures:

I understand sometimes need to work in relating environment however our mind differently work when we work in pajamas or dressed up in office active. I still recall my grandma’s daily routine,  she used to push it to wake up early and get ready in the morning even if we have holidays. She always insisted us to be dressed up in fresh clothes even if we wanted to play. That impacts our mind and people seeing us at a psychological level.

When you work on sofas and work on chair tables, our body behavior is different. On the sofa we need to put in more energy to be active and efficient; however, in a table chair environment when we have straight back, our minds work productivity more efficiently, resulting in achieving more and more productivity.We can analyze such differences in our results with help of productivity and analytical tools like DeskTrack.

3. Effect of location & environment on our mind and souls to be efficient and productive:

When you go to the gym, other people are gyming and losing weight motivates us to push ourselves. If we are doing meditation in meditation centers or native places our meditation times find more peace to us. Same applies on  our WFH arrangements, if our home office is not properly managed and boosting our mind to work then our workforce productivity slows down. Sometimes we also need the right push from our managers, it is very easy to slip in our comfort zone. Managers stand up meetings however, we ourselves give flexibility with resources.

So, despite of office about time work efficiency is necessity to give positive preserve and not allow us to slip in comfort zone. That slight push helps us to achieve more.

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4. To Do List in Front or in Your Visible Areas:

We are now-a-day so, as tradition says, we keep our to-do list in our phones or laptops. So, checking on then will keep on distractive as and when through social media apps or different technology distraction as whatsapp notification, when we keep doing back & work on our to do list.Instead, the old school method works for me. I definitely do planning, using projects management tools of DeskTrack, notes and other To do list tools. However, I kept a point of a day or a week attached to my laptops or desktop or on my desk no things kept visible in front of my eyes.

So, I don’t have to make any efforts to check it, instead it is self push to me. I would rather achieve more with such methods. You can analyze your way of working, take help of technology and implement an old school approach that gives more results.


To stay work productive and efficient we need an environment which helps to support and push us to achieve more to make things as a habit we should make them visible in our reach, analyze your results with help of productivity and time tracking tools like DeskTrack.

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