Average Salary in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

Average Salary in Dubai

Want to know the average salary in Dubai? Maybe you wish to work or establish your business there. Whatever your reason, Dubai is more than a tourist destination with skyscrapers.

As per the exchange rates last year in May, the monthly average pay in the country was 21500 AED (about $5855). That’s a lot to cover. In this blog, we will explore the average salary in Dubai and the financial scope of the nation. So, without any more delays, let’s get started.

Is there any Mandatory Minimum Wage for Dubai Employees?

Unlike other countries, no law defines employees’ minimum wage in Dubai. However, the Labor law in Dubai mandates employers to mention the basic salary in Dubai and other employee benefits in the offered employment contract.\

Also, the gross employee Dubai average salary consists of a basic salary and all the allowances paid by the employer. Due to this, Dubai has an exceptional average salary for employees.

Average Salary in Dubai

The average income in Dubai of an individual is proportional to their knowledge and experience. For instance, the professions that require higher expertise and knowledge are highly paid whereas the ones requiring fewer skills and expertise are paid less.

The monthly average salary in Dubai in 2024 is around 13000 AED as per 6figr.com. Although the average pay in Dubai is higher than in other Western countries, it is lower when compared to developed nations like the USA. However, the cost of living in Dubai is approximately 14-15% less than the cost of living in the USA.

Education and Average Salary

Different educational qualifications, levels of knowledge, and skills play an important role in determining an individual’s average income in Dubai. So, let us see how different levels of knowledge and acquired skills and certificates affect the average salaries in Dubai.

  • People with a diploma or certificate usually earn 17% more than those who have only finished their high school degrees.
  • Graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree earn 24% more than diploma and certificate holders.
  • People with a Master’s Degree are found earning 29% higher than the ones with only a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Ph.D. holders are among the highest-paid employees in the country with an average 23% higher salary than the people with Master’s degrees for the same position.

List of Average Salaries in UAE for Different Professionals

Worried about finding the best profession in Dubai? Here is a comprehensive list of average salaries for different professionals in Dubai:

Profession Average Salary in Dubai (per month)
General Manager 35,000 AED
Chef 44,000 AED
Doctor 12,000 AED
Engineer 11,000 AED
Digital Marketer 14,000 AED
Legal Assistant 5,500 AED
Domestic Worker 1,830 AED
Construction Site Worker 35,000 AED
Business Development Manager 14,000 AED
Tourist Guide 4,250 AED

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Prominent Employee Benefits in Dubai

The employee benefits in Dubai vary from employer to employer. Some of the prominent employee benefits in Dubai include:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Child Education
  • Telephone and Internet Reimbursement
  • Paid Leaves
  • Gratuity

Popular Employers in Dubai

Some of the popular employers that attract professionals worldwide include:

  • GEMS Education
  • Amazon
  • Hilton Worldwide
  • Al Futtaim
  • Emaar
  • Majid Al Futtaim
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Emirates Group

The Average Salary in Dubai for an Indian

Dubai is one of the major work destinations for Indians due to its high living standards, lower costs, and high incomes. The Average Salary in Dubai for Indians varies according to their skills, qualifications, and experience. However, as per the latest report by poe.com, it can be around 12000 to 20000 AED for migrants.

Top 5 Industries in Dubai

The top 5 industries that employ the most number of employees in Dubai are as follows:

  • UAE Oil and Gas Industry
  • Construction Industry in UAE
  • UAE Real Estate Industry
  • Tourism Industry in UAE
  • UAE Health and Hospitality Industry

Comparing the Average Salaries in Dubai with the Average Salaries in Other Countries

After analyzing the average salary, popular industries, and minimum wages in Dubai, let us compare the nation’s average salaries with the average salaries of different other countries:

Country Average Salary in USD
USA 59,428
UK 38,291
Russia 14,771
Italy 3,685
India 387
Pakistan 287
Canada 4942
Australia 60,355
Bangladesh 365
Afghanistan 250

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With that, we conclude our average salary in Dubai guide. To summarize, Dubai is more than a tourist destination with a high scope for industries and top employers. Due to this, many people like working there or establishing their businesses. Furthermore, due to the high incentives including child education, healthcare facilities, paid leaves, gratuities, and exceptional salaries, more and more people plan to work there, increasing the scope of your business in Dubai. However, due to the strict labor and payment laws, you also need a good employee monitoring tool for accurate management. We recommend DeskTrack as the best due to its comprehensive features, flexibility, and adaptability.

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