Employee Monitoring: A Productivity Booster or Privacy Destroyer?

employee monitoring software

Employees are the main key factor for the growth and upliftment of the organization. Nowadays, many businesses are adopting different approaches to increase the overall productivity of their organization. Employee Monitoring Software is considered one of the common strategies to increase overall productivity. But the question that arises in everyone’s mind after hearing about Monitoring that, is a productivity booster or a privacy destroyer?

Employers are authorized to know where they are spending money and how to increase the production ratio of the organization. Workplace monitoring is not a modern approach but is a traditional practice to increase productivity and efficiency.

Need Employee Monitoring and How Can Increase Productivity?

Earlier fuel bands, Fitbit, etc are used as Desktop Activity Monitoring Software. Even in the early 17’s employers measured the employees walking history using tape to know how much time their employees were moving here and here.

Afterward, there was a launch of sensor technology that was used to track the employees where they are going during the shift, and how much time they are present at their work area. Organizations can calculate the affected hours.

The important reason to use monitoring software is to keep track of employees’ productivity, generate high leads, and streamline the whole working process.

Is Employee Monitoring Software Legal?

With increasing, insider theft, fraud, reduced efficiency increase the need for monitoring software. According to federal law, employee monitoring is legal as it is also not important to notify employees about their work monitoring.


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Advantage of Employee Monitoring

Time spent on unrelated sites is exceeding the length of the work break. The human mind can divert for the work more than the light speed. The best solution for solving the problem is implementing monitoring software in the system.

One of the best Employee Monitoring Software, DeskTrack helps small and large businesses to monitor trouble-free operation. The software creates a reliable and unique feature-rich solution for businesses to monitor individuals’ desktop activities.

Advantage of Implementing This Tool

  • DeskTrack helps to reduce distractions and employees can concentrate more on work.
  • It provides a screenshot capturing feature that helps to know the current task on which the team is working.
  • Analyze the efficiency, efficacy of individuals, teams, and the whole enterprise with an informative graph.
  • It gives a 360-degree analysis of the successful workflow of your business.


Above mentioned points prove that Monitoring Software is legal. Employers have the right to know about their data and resources used by individuals. If you have any questions regarding monitoring software you can contact us at business@timentask.com

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