How An Automated Time Tracking Software Can Help Business?

Automated Time Tracking

Nowadays, employee’s productivity is the topmost concern of businesses. Managers are worried about less productivity and continuous revenue losses as employees waste their working hours in irrelevant activities. According to the report, nearly 64% of employees visit non-worker-related websites each and every day during working hours, and of these people spend an average of 2 hours a day that further results in up to a 40% loss of productivity each year.

Managers need to implement some great strategies to reduce revenue losses and increase the productivity of their employees as well as their business. Measuring employee performance and productivity is the best way to improve employees’ performance and productivity, which can be done by using Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking Software.

A Simple Software For All Your Needs

DeskTrack is a cloud-based Automated Time Tracking Solution that helps small to large businesses record various user activities such as total time spent on a system, idle hours, meeting duration, and projects. DeskTrack also provides a host of features to track URLs, applications, projects, emails, document titles and paths, and more. The platform offers real-time reporting to help users gain insights into team performance, productivity, and objectives.

Key Benefits of Desk Track Software  

  • Understanding Employee Behavior.
  • 100% Transparent Reporting System.
  • Automated Attendance and Timesheets.
  • Helps in Increasing Productivity and Working Efficiency.
  • Advance Reporting Feature to Quickly Discover Employee Data.
  • Protecting the Business From Potential Legal Problems and Preventing Data Loss.
  • Analyzing Total Cost Spent on Business Operations & Measures to be Taken to Reduce it.

Desk Track is a Robust Fully Automated Time Tracking Tool that can be used to

Automated Timesheet:  Fully Automated Timesheet Software, without any manual process.

Application Tracking: Record the list of apps used with the actual time spent on them.

Document Title and Path Tracking: DeskTrack stores the URLs, files with their names and path which you can directly link to the projects and tasks. For measuring the actual performance it’s important to record the list of files, URLs opened and total time spent on them in a day.

URL Tracking: With this feature, employers can identify the working pattern of their employees by evolute the visited URL, like, is visited URL relevant to their allotted work or not. Thus the time will be calculated in productive and unproductive hours.

Email Tracker: The ultimate solution to find the actual time spent on email communication.

Real-Time Reporting: Real-time reporting is the assembling, analyzing, and packaging of data in real-time. DeskTrack is real-time tracking software that logs actual time spent on the application used, files, and URLs opened. It allows you to access the reports of the team from anywhere in real-time.

Scheduled Mailers: This Feature automatically launches tasks according to a set schedule. This will help in increasing efficiency and productivity by 40%.

Offline Time Management: When you are out of the internet, DeskTrack keeps tracking the system and syncs data to the server as soon as the internet connects.

Mobile App Tracking: With this feature, you will have a track of total hours on mobile, apps, etc. and you can analyze productivity yourself.

Multi-User Management: Recording & Manage the timesheet of multiple users working on the same system in different shifts.

DeskTrack AnalyticsDaily Activity Report App will help in getting the team’s work Report anytime anywhere when you need them.  

Desk Capture: Desk Capture Gives you to authority to Take screenshots of the team’s desktop to have a detailed view of their working.

A Time Tracking & Employee Monitoring Software

DeskTrack is an Employee Monitoring & Time Tracking Software that helps to keep track of your employee’s activities during working hours. It provides necessary information about your employees which you need to know as a team and project management.

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