How Time Tracker Solves Your Workplace Issues?

How Time Tracker Solves Your Workplace Issues?

Organizations face different issues according to their size, industry, workplace culture, type of organization, and many more factors. Most organizations face issues related to employee attendance and working efficiency at some point in the workplace, but not all organizations take the right step to solve the problem; they wait for employees to understand on their own.

This is the major step where companies are lacking as modern issues need modern solutions; one of the best examples of technology enhancement in this changing era is implementing Desktop Time Tracking Software in your organization to boost efficiency and productivity.

There is a myth that only large organizations need monitoring software and project management tools. But that’s not correct, small organizations also need this software to manage organizational issues.

To solve the issues of the workplace there must be certain rules and regulations that ensure employees behave properly.

Common workplace issues that can be solved with the help of Employee Monitoring Software

  • Proper Attendance Management
  • Working Hours Measurement
  • Identifying Productive and Unproductive Hours
  • No Idea of Time Spent on Project or Task
  • Lacking to have Track of Resources Used By Employees such as websites, tools, applications
  • No Protection From Inside Threat

Above Mentioned issues can be solved by implementing Automated Time Tracking Software. Let’s start with basic what is a time tracker.

What is a Time Tracker?

As the name defines, the time tracking software keeps track of each activity of employees, and their behavior at the workplace like accounting their login and logout time(resolves Attendance Management Issues), also records the total time spent on websites and applications and worked hours across the projects and tasks.

“Time tracking software is a pillar of any business process”

How Time Tracking Software Useful?

This type of software is not used for spying on the employees but for identifying the issues that are slowing down the business process and resolving that in a constructive manner. 

Assuring Transparency and Accountability

Organizations have to manage multiple projects; through Time Tracking Software efficiency and working patterns help management to keep track of employee’s tasks and projects. This makes the software a data-driven decision for the organization, profitable as well.

Different organizations have different specifications in terms of their daily tasks responsibilities, how work needs to be tracked, and what will be productive or unproductive tasks according to their needs and requirements. This not only enhances transparency and accountability but also prevents and resolves conflicts in the office.

Enhance Employee Productivity 

Employees spend approximately 20% of their working time on unimportant tasks or irrelevant activities. These tasks are mainly unproductive and not only devour company revenue but also distract the employees from their responsibilities. Time tracking software comes as a solution to prevent this issue and boost the productivity of the employees.

Upgrade Project Deliverability

This type of software helps to deliver projects on time. This helps all the team members complete insights into the project dynamics and with this team members can prioritize their tasks, and can avoid gaps in the process. This can give a prediction of time management for future projects and employees can know their pinpoint problematic areas and can resolve those issues.

Ease the Management of Client

With the help of the software, the client can have a complete insight into the project and can ease the billing significantly.

Transparency In Payroll Calculation

Online time tracking software gives a complete overview of productive and unproductive employees. It makes the performance review process much easier and all the promotions & increment related decisions can done on that basis and leads to no argument.

There will no chance of human error or unbiased decision using the software. This will increase transparency and scalability as the organization grows.


Introducing Time Tracking Software like DeskTrack in your organization can have a positive impact on various aspects based on the type of industry and their needs or organization. 

The tool solves all the issues successfully. Organizations should identify their problems and expectations before installing the software.

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