How To Get The Best Out Of Your Team With Time Tracking Software?

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Team With Time Tracking Software? | Time Tracking Software India

When you’re leading a team or a group of employees, either remotely or in-house, there are many aspects which a business owner must have their hands-on: working hours, projects & tasks, applications, files & URLs they are accessing, etc or can say time tracking for better understanding.

At the time of performance analysis, employees also want their real productivity to be recognized, proper reports to show their efficiency, tasks done, time spent on projects, efforts made, etc. To manage 100% transparency and obtain actual reports of employees it is recommended to use a Time Tracking and Activity Monitoring tool at the workplace.

Important factors in managing the effective team


Proper Planning

If a team leader is trying to get his team organized and productive; they should have a proper plan for the work, a To-Do List for the day and should monitor the tasks on the regular basis.

With Employee Activity Monitoring Tools, it can be easily managed as it gives the actual reports of the employee work with total time spent on each task. This way you can compare the work with the plan, as well as with the detailed reports. By calculating the working hours on each task, you can analyze their practices and give the proper feedback to boost their efficiency.

Clarify Goals and Set Deadlines

Setting daily and weekly goals, then sharing it with the team members so that they can plan their day accordingly and work to achieve the goals. In case an individual missed the goals, they or their manager should have the proper records to identify the reason for it. Daily activities and the tasks should be monitored to analyze where they are lacking, and identify the parameters to improve the working efficiency.

Analyze Distractions

Distractions simply divert the mind of an individual and take the focus away from the timeline of the task and productivity of an individual. The main cause of distractions in the workplace is the Internet, Social Media, multitasking, meetings, and discussions, therefore it is necessary to track the time spent on each activity.

Desktop monitoring software tools are the best choices for analyzing distractions by calculating the time spent on the Internet, URLs Browsed, projects & tasks, meetings & discussions.

Manage Transparency

It is very important to manage 100% transparency between the business and the employee. Activity and Automated Time Tracking Tools are best as they provide actual reports of the work done in a day and provide an online platform where employees and managers can see the reports.

Performance Analysis

Regular performance analysis is a key responsibility of the managers to identify the working efficiency and areas of importance for the employees. To get proper feedback on the employee’s work there should be a tool where the employee’s daily tasks and activities can be recorded and managers can easily identify the productivity of the individuals.

DeskTrack, an Employee monitoring and Time Tracking Software, is the right tool for managing 100% transparency in the workplace as it records actual activities employees are doing on the desktop with the time spent. This is the ultimate solution for analyzing employee performance and boosting productivity.

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