Productivity Monitoring Software for Remote Work: 4 Reasons

productivity monitoring software

Today remote work and hybrid work modes have become the most preferred work modes worldwide. However, Businesses worldwide are facing the new challenges of managing employee productivity during these work modes. Since these work modes eliminate the face-to-face interaction between employees and employers, productivity monitoring software can be a boon.

With employee productivity tracking software, managers can know the every-minute activity of their employees and access valuable insights into team performance.

In this blog, we will delve into the 4 critical reasons why businesses offering remote work need a productivity tracker for their employees.

4 Key Reasons to Choose Productivity Monitoring Software

Presently, employee productivity monitoring software is completely changing the way employees track employee productivity, record attendance, and note the actual work productivity.

Businesses use employee productivity as a measure of effectiveness, and methods to calculate the inputs of labor and capital within the business economy to achieve the desired outcomes. In most businesses, productivity is proportional to profitability, so increasing employee productivity is the top priority for every business.

Let us find out the 4 prominent reasons to choose productivity tracker during remote and hybrid work modes.

1. Makes Remote Work More Productive

Productivity trackers can make working from home easy and productive. Firstly, the availability of employee productivity monitoring software eliminates unnecessary distractions. Secondly, these monitoring tools enhance productivity as people under tracking tend to perform productive tasks only. Lastly, the usage of employee productivity trackers enhances employee efficiency by assisting them in planning tasks and projects.

2. Identifies and Removes Struggles and Internal Problems

Monitoring employees working remotely helps employers to gather useful information on the struggles and problems of their workforce. These insights help employers look for solutions for such common workforce problems and improve forecasting efficiencies for businesses. Also, this data helps to decide specific costs and time frames for different projects.

For instance, productivity monitoring software helps organizations to identify employees taking longer than expected to finish a task. Also, this software provides a clear vision of the quality and quantity of every employee. Some of the employees might be performing low than what is expected. 

As a result, productivity monitoring software can identify the actual reasons for their struggles. Managers can develop effective solutions for every team member using these insights.


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3. Effective Project Management

The effectiveness with which an organization operates and produces is critical for its revenue, and project management is at the forefront of overseeing and improving production. Whether the project is software development or the construction of a new building, how the project prioritization framework is created and followed can determine whether the project is successful or not.

Effective project management is a critical component for producing revenue and ensuring smooth business operations. Most importantly, estimating the time and amount for each project is essential for profitable project completion. 

As a result, productivity trackers are essential tools to deliver projects on time in 3 different ways:

Deciding Project Estimates

Productivity tracking software provides business owners with useful historical data that helps them to preplan projects with better estimation of labor and cost.

Accessing Quality of Work

When employees are under observation, employers can access real-time insights into their performance. Consequently, they can know the actual status of every project and make proactive decisions on the project’s quality. This ensures timely feedback for improvement.

Identifying Challenges and Solutions

Productivity trackers help businesses to understand the causes of prominent challenges during projects. These tools help to get insights into the cause and effects of the challenges. As a result, they help in improving the project planning eliminating the prominent challenges.

4. Better Workforce Management and Employee Engagement

Today businesses are struggling to keep their employees engaged. A prominent study by found that America only has 21% of workers who are highly engaged in work. With highly engaged workers, we mean the people who produce high-quality work at an effective rate.

Contrarily, disengaged employees are costing businesses up to 34% of their salaries. As a result, businesses are unable to cope with losses caused by disengaged employees.

This is why most businesses today need workforce management software to increase employee engagement. Additionally, it also enhances productivity and profitability in businesses.


Presently, it is essential to have tools like employee monitoring and productivity tracking software to function effectively in the changing work environment. The new normal of work has different work modes like remote and hybrid where there is minimum or equal to no real-time interaction between employees and employers. 

However, this cannot be a reason for decreasing profits or work efficiency in businesses. 

This is why productivity tracking software helps both employees and employers to function effectively in today’s evolving work environment without compromising productivity and profitability.

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