How To Build A Self Motivated, Highly Efficient Team

Self Motivation

Daily work, or to say the same work brings boredom. We all face it, but losing to it is not the right thing to do. But what’s the solution? How to be self motivated and how to build a team of motivated people?

Have you ever felt the rush of motivation after watching a motivational video or being with a successful person? That feeling makes you work hard, at least for the next few days, and that needs to be done continuously for your teams.

What Is Team Motivation and Why Do We Need It?

A vibe or energy that makes a group of individuals work better with a better mindset to achieve the goal. It’s not just a one-day task, as it needs to be there always. A team needs to be self motivated at work, inspired, praised, and engaged among themselves to reach their goal.

A motivated team is beneficial for both the employees and the organization. If everyone around you is highly motivated and focused on reaching their goals, it will get you in the same mood. It leads to better performances and work environments where things or projects move freely. With this, the best part is the sense of achievement that brings happiness.

If the employees work passionately, it will benefit the company with better performance and increased engagement.

Characteristics Of A Successful Team

  • People won’t be afraid to communicate with each other
  • Diversity among people brings more skills and experience to the team
  • People are open to learning and new challenges
  • Goal setters and achievers
  • A team leader who respects and values each employee and their work

8 Tips To Build A Self Motivated And Efficient Team

Self Motivation Tips

There’s no limit on how to add elements of motivation in your employee’s lives, but there are a few things that you should do to make the best out of it. Along with giving self encouragement or reciting some motivation lines to your employees, you can follow these tips: –

1. Clear Goal Setting

Some studies have revealed that employees waste time because they don’t know what’s the priority and what needs the most attention. There should be proper categorization and organization of the tasks that need to be done daily, weekly, or monthly. It helps to keep track of what needs to be done and by when. And how much attention or time they can give one task before moving ahead to the next.

2. Effective Work Environment

The work environment is much more important than you think. It impacts a person’s mental health and ability to perform their best. A clean space with proper lighting and proper time tracking tool to work should be the necessary step for every company. Other than this, an environment where everyone is collaborating and helping each other out is a must. Such organizational culture is mandatory, where everyone works together without discrimination, judgment, or bullying.

3. Define Jobs and Job Responsibilities Clearly

Employees should be aware of their work responsibilities and what they are supposed to do. The person should know the impact his work will have on his teammates. As a team leader or organization leader, you should ensure that.

Always remember the saying “Team Work Makes The Dream Work” because it is true. It is easier to build something from scratch when you know what skills your teammate carries. It will help the team members to take advantage of their skills and work efficiently. Monkeys can’t run in the race, but horses can identify, so which one is the monkey, and who’s the horse to win the race?

4. Fostering Learning Culture and Adopt Challenges

Nobody wants to stay in the same space in terms of knowledge. Everyone should grow and build a better life for themselves. That helps the company because new tech comes daily, and your employees should not be lacking in that as it will hinder growth. Your employees will be happier if they have the opportunities to learn and grow along with your company. Provide them with tools and opportunities and build a team that’s happy to work for the company, not the opposite.

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5. Productivity Monitoring Tool

The best productivity monitoring software like DeskTrack are the winning opportunities for the company. It gives you detailed reports on the working hours, the activity of employees, how efficiently they worked, and how productive the day was. It helps in knowing the progress of a project and also where’s the problem. If you notice an employee lacking, you can discuss the issues and try to resolve them.

6. Team Building Opportunities

Each member carries a different skill and talent, giving them opportunities to express themselves is beneficial. Team building opportunities can make them understand each other and become colleagues who trust each other. These can be done by doing some fun activities in the office or by going out or playing games, and any fun activities that require the team to be together to win because that’s what they need to do at their work.

More than 50% of organizations have accepted that teamwork has helped them in their company goals.

7. Reward Both Achievement And Failures

Humans are attracted to rewards, whether it is a gift or some praise. We all expect to be appreciated and complimented for our work. Rewarding your employees or giving feedback is the right approach. It should not be applicable only in the case of good work because proper ‘feedback’ and ‘how to improve’ when things go wrong are also important. It helps them realize their mistakes or what they can improve. It is a good practice that should be better for improvement and better learning.

8. Avoid Micromanaging

No one likes it when someone is nit-picking on everything or sitting on your shoulder to see what you are doing. It is a similar feeling we used to get in school during exams when a teacher decides to stand next to you to monitor what you are writing. That nerve-racking situation deserves no one. Trust your team and believe in their potential. Instead, you can use ‘employee monitoring software’ or software like DeskTrack to see what your employees are doing and how efficiently they are doing. It’s a win-win situation for both.

Final Thoughts

Motivating yourself or your team is no less than a science. It requires much more than your efforts as you can force them to work but can’t make them work best while keeping them satisfied and happy. Continuous efforts are necessary to keep yourself and the staff self motivated at work. Introduce your employees to understand their self motivated strengths and bring the best version of them to work. You can implement the tips mentioned above and introduce your staff to self encouragement.

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