9 Advantages of Time Tracking Software for Your Business in 2024

Time Tracker Advantages

Do you know? Every 9 out of 10 startups tend to fail, wherein one fails in the first year of business operations (Forbes). Such statistics how vulnerable startups & small businesses are during their initial phase of establishment. Such vulnerability is very much related to their endurance & resilience.

But, what’s the point that I am trying to make here?

The only point here is the struggle is over now!

Time tracking software now is the ultimate solution knocking on your door. Let’s dive into how & what aspects are resolved by the best time tracking tool.

Advantages of Time Tracking Software for Small Businesses

Pros of employee time tracking software

Below are some real-life advantages experienced regarding time tracking software for employee. Yours are always welcome in the comment section:

Say No to Micromanagement

We are humans. We never want to be micromanaged, to the level where it feels like somebody is spying on us. However, there are organizations, irrespective of their size, where managers or supervisors carry this tendency to micromanage their employees. Especially, in a system of remote or hybrid work culture, this practice is all the more prevalent.

Therefore, automated time tracking software holds its importance.

Let’s learn about my experience with online time tracking software & micromanagement. So, I luckily learned about DeskTrack– the best time tracking software for small businesses, meant for tracking employees’ productive, unproductive, idle & active time for a complete span of working hours. Not only this, it also tracks the time spent by an employee on his system, which again includes overtime activities.

Now, I can say that I could take half the burden off, by tracking my team’s time spent on work in a day, through DeskTrack.

Tracks Time!

Needless to say, employee time tracking software tracks time. But the point here is that software like DeskTrack tracks how much time your entire team, an individual in the team, is spending on a given project. This feature works as a yardstick to measure your team’s efficiency for a project and any random task.

Task Management Becomes Cake Walk

For team leaders & managers, it takes a different time and energy to do task management. But with online time tracking software, it’s a seamless thing to do. With DeskTrack, you can allot tasks to your team, depending on their skill set & keep track of the progress too. This lets you focus on other improvisation work in the team.

Make Your Workday More Productive

Time tracking and work management can help you reach your goals faster.

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Inculcates Discipline in the Organization

To keep a regular check on organizational working culture & employees’ working behavior, it is important to introduce a method or supporting technology to do the task. Employees’ login/logout timings, holistic view of employee engagement, productivity analysis, you name it, system monitoring software covers it all for you. Measuring the mentioned parameters helps in assessing discipline among employees in the organization.

Check Employee’s Efficiency

employee efficiency in time tracking software

Keeping track of time and other parameters does not always mean that employees in an organization are at the peak of their working efficiency or delivering output. Keeping a check on an individual output is a different deal altogether. But, no worries anymore. The employee time tracker has got you covered yet again. This software provides you productivity analysis graph, which also covers the productivity trend of the business as a whole.

Maintain Motivation at Work

Maintaining motivation at work is one of the by default advantages of a time tracking software for employee. I heard you asking ‘how?’ Imagine yourself getting a daily report on how much work you are doing every day. It feels great right? Also, it feels like improvising on what we are delivering already. Isn’t it?

Again, you will find the employee time tracking software seamlessly doing the task for you.

attendance report in time tracking software

Payroll Integration

Fair pay is always appreciated & promoted. Again, time tracker software nowadays is equipped to integrate payroll systems with employees’ working hours. DeskTrack is a very suitable example of payroll integration. It gives a payout estimate as per an employee’s active working hours.

Billing Clients is All Sorted!

Having explained the parameters measured by a time tracking software for small businesses, it makes all sense to anticipate that the desktop time tracker is a very right solution of billing clients seamlessly. Your client now simply needs to check the total hours spent on a given project and calculate the total price worth paying for the project. Needless to say, DeskTrack is all equipped to bill your clients, without any error.

Makes HR Job Easier

Gone are the days when HR has to go through the hassle of keeping track of employees’ attendance, all thanks to employee monitoring software, like DeskTrack! DeskTrack keeps track of employees’ login/logout timing, manages automated attendance, and prepares robust attendance analysis for the employees.

login and logout report in time tracking software

Wrapping Up!

Having learned almost every advantageous aspect of a time tracking software, irrespective of the scale of your business, time tracking software is worth it all to invest in. Now, you don’t require any team to set up a work ethics, culture & employee productivity measurement system, as it can all be done seamlessly with the help of the time tracking software like DeskTrack. Happy ‘prospective productivity’ boosted!

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