Best System Monitoring Software: Stay Update with Work

Get the best system tracker for employee to keep a tab on employee activities and internet usage. Managers, parents & employees themselves can use the software during working hours for productivity analysis.

  • Easy Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Effective Time Tracking and Planning

System Monitoring Software
employee system management

Discover The Best System Monitoring Tools For:

Monitor and record your employee's activities with computer system monitoring software and get access to employee's logs and system screens in real-time. The best system monitoring tool can be installed and operated on:

Desktop PC
Laptop Computer
Mobile in a couple of minutes and does not require any extra effort.

Know How Your Employees are Spending their Time During the Work Day

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Who Can Use System Monitoring Software?

computer system monitoring software free

Personal use

Have complete access to your system with the best system monitoring software for personal use and protect it when others are working on it. Get detailed insights of activities done on your PC. Also, you can set time limits on internet usage for self-improvement.

 Best System Monitoring Software

Remote and WFH Teams

The system monitoring tool monitor your remote team and find out if work from home employees are wasting most of their time on social media, games, and other distractions. The system activity reports help to see if the remote employee is actively working on the allocated task.

System Monitoring Software

Office Teams

In system monitoring software get employee productivity reports with the activity data to better understand how your employees spend their time at work, skill gaps, efforts, and struggles. Also, limit useless data access, organize your teams, and make them productive.

employee system management


Get the complete suite of parental controls with system monitoring tools to monitor your children's daily activities, know which sites they are using, what applications and games they are installing, and help you supervise their internet activity.

Monitor Desktop Activities with Employee
System Monitoring Software

Automatic Time Tracking

The employee time tracking software monitors and records the time spent on activities, tasks, and projects during the day. It helps to understand how the user is spending their private time, how productive they are daily, which tasks are taking the most time, and which need more engagement.

employee system monitoring software
computer system monitoring software free

Custom Reports

System management tools provide detailed insights of ongoing activities and work done by teams or individuals. The employee system tracker helps in scheduling and planning all tasks and projects under one console with detailed reports to see what is actually required to fulfill your organizational goals in the allotted time slot.


Computer system monitoring software for businesses allows for generating real-time reports of employees' working hours with their attendance and activity data, which helps HRs pay accurate and error-free invoices and get automated overdue payment reports.

Best System Monitoring Software
 System Monitoring Software

App and URL Tracking

The application and url tracking software allows the classification of the apps and website as per the roles & responsibilities of the employees. Managers can set the time limit on unproductive activities so that within the time limit teams can use these activities and can help to improve workforce productivity.

Project Time Tracking

Set up projects, modules, and tasks for project time tracking with employee system monitoring software. It helps to evaluate efforts and analyze work progress by calculating how much time a task will take and providing the actual billable hours for billing to clients & paying off to teams.

employee system management
employee system monitoring software

Shift Scheduling

Employee system tracking software allows operating in different shift schedules with the same desktops and laptop for work and helps to track the user’s activity & time without any error. Admins can schedule the employee work shifts to track the activities & time in their work time.

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The Best System Monitoring Software Available for:


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Why Does Organizations Need System
Monitoring Software?

Reduce Workplace Distractions

When employees know their computer activity is being monitored by their supervisors or managers, they avoid distractions, and this helps them to improve their overall working patterns which leads to productivity enhancement.

Improve Employee Performance

In employee system monitoring software get the real-time productivity reports of the employees with the time spent on their system and can review their performance by monitoring their efforts provided on projects and tasks.

Detailed Insights of Employee Activity

Computer system monitoring software provides complete information about employee activity by which managers can review the entire working pattern with their performance and how they spend their time at work.

Enhance Security

The best free system monitoring software for employers tracks and monitors each activity of employees done throughout the day with their login and logout data. Therefore, the software helps them secure data leaks and employee fraud as well as employee cyber threats.

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Is Employee System Monitoring Software Right for My Business?

The employee system tracker helps your business in different ways:

Manage Teams with Computers

With the everyday usage of computers, sometimes the chances for distractions occur and cause wastage of time on social media, games, or irrelevant surfing on different web pages. The best system tracking software can track all the activities done on the user system, and your team can discuss how to break these poor patterns.

Manage Remote Teams

Measurement of Remote employee activity is not an easy task. Employee system monitoring software helps you understand your remote team’s performance during work hours better.

Improve Efficiency

Improve team efficiency by letting your employees know that they are being monitored, and this can help them improve working habits and remove workloads.

What Type of Activities Can be Monitored Through System Monitoring Software?

  • Detailed insights of office, work from home amd remote teams work.
  • The screenshot feature allows viewing the real-time activity of a system.
  • Track all websites and apps visited.
  • Manage the payroll with accurate timesheets and productivity reports.
  • Record actual login, logout, working & idle or break time to analyze employee performance.

Does The System Monitoring Software Harms Employee Privacy?

No, The best system monitoring tools help employees to manage and maintain their per-day activities in different ways at the office or while working from home. However, employers want to track employee productivity and identify potential security risks. On the other hand, employees are concerned about their privacy. Therefore, DeskTrack ensures employee monitoring with all the privacy rights. It does not keep any record of any type of credentials or sensitive data. Also, it provides fixed and flexible time with the flexibility of manual login/logout and private time.

Does System Monitoring Software Helpful for Employees?

  • Classify employee activities into productive and unproductive as per the roles and responsibilities of employees so that they will be categorized into whitelist and blacklist apps.
  • Track employee computer activity to see the applications and websites they visit, how much time they spend on each, and the category of each site.
  • Use real-time activity reports to improve workforce productivity, make better decisions, and detect the risks of fraudulent and anomalous behavior.