Why Employee Time Tracking Is Important For Business Growth?

Why Employee Time Tracking Is Important For Business Growth? | Time Tracking Software

Are you an organization, an executive, a manager or a freelancer who is facing issues in identifying the employee activities, list of tasks done and where they are spending most of their time?

Time Tracking is on the Rise

An American management association survey found that nearly 80% of companies now keep a track on their employees’ desktop activities, time they spent at work & internet, frequency of breaks etc. This figure represents a sharp rise from 1997 when only 35% of companies monitored employees.

Eventually, time tracking has always been useful for organizations and employees to improve their working efficiency and productivity.

Here are the top 5 reasons why it’s still important for your business growth

The Hawthorne Effect

In this effect, the study has been done on the psychology of the individuals and it is found they alter their behavior in response to being observed, and usually refers to positive changes.

According to a psychological study employees tend to be more conscious of how they spend their time at work if they know their activities are being monitored by their managers. It means if you monitor your employees using Employee Time Tracking Software it motivates them to ultimately enhance productivity.

Improve Your Team’s Workflow

Time Tracking helps employees and managers to record the progress of a particular project. Employee Monitoring forces employees to ignore the outside distractions(phone calls, using the internet, and social media) that can typically be a barrier to any organization’s growth.

Managers can point out which projects are taking too much employee time and is it profitable or not for the organization to give the extra time on a particular project.

Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking Software

Bill and Pay Accurately

Automated Time Tracking Software helps managers to record the amount of time that an employee spent on a particular project and identify how much time a project has been taken to be done.

Managers can easily measure the employees’ working time and total billable hour that helps to bill clients and pay employees accurately.

Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination, the action of delaying or postponing something. In the IT industry, we can use it for delaying or postponing the project deadlines. A procrastinator can waste a few hours of work using Facebook, watching YouTube, or browsing the web. It is completely unproductive and harmful to the company’s growth. 

Using Time Tracking Software is one of the best solutions to remove procrastination. It helps managers to identify where the employees are wasting their time. And, again Hawthorne Effect comes, when employees know you are monitoring them it will nip and tuck their speed and performance for ultimate efficiency.

Say No To Multitasking

Research says multitasking is a major factor for productivity loss, as individuals switch tasks regularly, and in the end, tasks are not finished, which can be detrimental to a company’s success. Computer Monitoring Software monitors activities and tasks done by an employee or whole team, helps them to plan the day according to work, avoid unnecessary discussions and meet the goals on a daily basis.

Every business must have proper records to determine the business profits and employee productivity.

DeskTrack, an Employee monitoring and time tracking software, is the right tool for managing 100% transparency in the workplace as it records actual activities employees are doing on the desktop with the time spent and easily showcases the bad working habits of the individuals. This is the ultimate solution for analyzing employee performance and boosting productivity. A great tool to maximize your business growth.

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