Differences Between Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking Software

This post will cover the main differences between employee monitoring software and time tracking software, and benefit businesses who rely on an effective workforce. A plethora of business tools is there that would help you to measure your business metrics. Based on that, you can catch up on your next steps. However, time tracking and employee monitoring software play an instrumental role to scale your business in an efficient way. In fact, they have helped many businesses to work in a transparent manner whenever it comes to evaluating the productivity of the employees and retaining talents. 

Remote employee monitoring software can be used to track hours, productivity, and desktop usage. These tools allow the management to track projects and employee performance and provide data for reports and billing. Depending on the level of usage and complexity of the application, free time management software can help you with many features including task scheduling, creating reports, and analyzing activity in Excel.

With the varied terminology and its related algorithms, there are certain features that will overlap. For example, you may want to monitor your employees remotely and track the time consumed for each project consequently. Best employee monitoring software won’t do the work single-handedly. For that, you need to choose different tools- employee monitoring software and time tracking software 

Let’s see how both of these tools differ from one another. 

Employee Monitoring Software

It’s a tool that is used to track the details of all the employees who are presently working within the organization. It is mainly used as a productivity enrichment tool and as a standalone control. With the aid of employee monitoring software, you get insights into your employees’ activity. 

Yes, it’s a bit overwhelming to learn about your employees’ performance.  Besides, it also plays a pivotal role to let you know about their productivity. Now, let’s a closer look at the benefits of employee monitoring software.

1. Collecting Data Like a Professional

The importance of data cannot be undermined when it comes to decision-making. With the burgeoning demand for technology, it has thoroughly helped the companies to collect and analyze data effectively. It plays a crucial role in running a business smoothly. On that note, employee management tools can collect data from the time and resources that have been spent. Based on the same, an employer may reallocate or redirect the sources to make they are used effectively and efficiently.

2. Improved Employee Productivity 

Employee monitoring software boosts the productivity of an employee. As the employees know they are tracked by the authorities, it creates an urge to work progressively.  The employees should be self-driven and focused; employee monitoring software is like cheese on the cake top.  On the other hand, employers will not be in the dark anymore as they know what an employee is doing for the entire day.

3. Picking out the Problematic Areas

Employee monitoring software helps to reveal the total time to complete a project. Therefore, an employer easily picks out the areas that the employee is struggling with. Based on that, they also aid save time for a particular project. In an organization, few team members are working relentlessly to meet the ends and would barely ask for help. For such scenarios, employee monitoring tools come in handy.

4. Preventing Unauthorized Access

Preventing data breaches is one of the primary concerns of organizations. On that note, employee monitoring software could help by tightening up the security. An employee monitoring software will alert the employers to refrain from doing the work which they are not supposed to do. However, information from the software helps investigate the breaches if any untoward situation occurs. Therefore, employers can protect valuable data against insider threats. 

Time Tracking Software

This is software that tracks time, resources spent, and the allocated manpower for a particular task. Features like tracking billable hours, tracking time, analytics, and taking the screenshots of the employees’ devices make these kinds of software popular among business owners, freelancers, and other people who want to track the time on doing an activity. 

The primary objective of using the time tracking tool is to get the objective metrics. Based on that, an employer can hatch up their step which is related to optimizing the entire business process.  

How can time tracking software be beneficial? 

1. Seeing the Spend Time Limit for a Project

David is a freelancer and he needs to check how much time he is taking to complete a project. It will also him to give the correct estimates to his clients. Here is the actual weightage of the tracking software that underlies within. Time tracking software allows keeping track of the average time needed to complete a specific task.

2. Helps to Stay Motivated and Disciplined

Needless to say, a person should not digress and ramble while working on a project. Instead, he/she must be laser-focused. On that note, time tracking software fuels up the urge to stay disciplined as an employer knows the work is already clocked and they need to finish it on time. Therefore, the clients/team leader would appreciate the effort of working cohesively.

3. Managing the Pricing Effectively

The employers may ask the client to increase the prices of the services/products they are providing. Similarly, a freelancer may approach the same to their client. What will best describe the same? Well, time tracking software could help. Analytics of the same would help to elaborate the matter best to the clients logically.

4. Improved Planning and Budgeting

Time tracking tool helps provide valuable insights in terms of data. Project timelines, deadlines rates, quotes help an employer to adjust the plans and keep the budget balanced. Therefore, it will impact the entire business growth. “Time tracking tool has helped us to get the desired metrics irrespective of ebbs and flows. We have implemented the tool in 2019 and it never disappointed us to give us the insights. I would recommend that new-age entrepreneurs use time-tracking tools for their businesses. They will get the results fair and square.”

In today’s economy, you want to ensure your employees are productive. Employee monitoring vs time tracking software is a new creative way to make sure they are doing their job correctly.

Now that you already know the advantages of time tracking software & employee monitoring software, let’s take a look at their identical differences. Employee monitoring software vs time tracking software seems very similar, but there are a few essential differences between them. I’m hoping that this blog entry will help you decide which one is the best for your organization. Seem very similar, but there are a few essential differences between them. I’m hoping that this blog entry will help you decide which one is the best for your organization.


Employee monitoring software 

Time-tracking software 

1. The primary objective of using this tool is to check the activity of the employees.   1. This tool is mainly used to track time spent on projects. 
2. This tool detects every minute detail in terms of working, browsing websites, etc.   2. It only captures the time employees spend on a specific task.
3. It is used to prevent the employees from performing illegal activities, identifying threats that may lead to untoward situations.   3. This tool is used to track cost, human resources issues, and attendance. 
4. It focuses on productivity control    4. It doesn’t focus on productivity and control. 
5. It can be used to track time   5. It can’t be used to track employee activities. 

 Wrapping it up

We know that you’re trying hard to foster your business irrespective of the cataclysmic situation due to pandemics. The best thing you can do to implement these business tools that will help to keep the working atmosphere healthy. No other perks can replace it. Employee monitoring software and time tracking software can help monitor an employee’s work habits, productivity, and how much time they spend on a project. Use employee monitoring in your organization to create a well-organized, productive workplace.

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