Online Employee Shift Scheduling Software for Small Businesses

employee shift scheduling software

Are you a manager who manages your employee’s shifts by using Excel? Today we will introduce an online best employee shift scheduling software that will make all your shift scheduling tasks easier. Best Employee shift scheduling for small businesses is very important, it directly impacts employees’ productivity.  

According to the shift board reports, “Approximately half of the hourly workers are willing to take a pay cut in order to gain more control over their schedules. According to the report, hourly employees have a strong desire to strike a work-life balance.”

What is Employee Shift Scheduling?

Automated Employee Shift Scheduling is the process of creating work schedules for employees in a way to support company needs and employee satisfaction. The main goal of shift scheduling is to minimize overtime and maximize production while allowing employees a chance to rest and recharge.

What is Employee Shift Scheduling Software?

Online Employee Shift Scheduling Software for a service business is a tool that helps to automate your number of scheduling tasks, such as creating employee work schedules and managing overtime and overtime costs. 

Web-based staff shift scheduling software to manage your employees’ shifts and schedules. You can assign shifts to employees, and track the hours they worked & the number of hours they are scheduled to work. You can filter data by employee, shift, or department.


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Features of Online Employee Shift Scheduling Software

This article will explore some of the important features of online employee shift scheduling software.

1. Shift Scheduling Overview

It is an important feature of online roaster software. You use this tool to view your employee’s weekly, day-wise, and monthly shifts in order to identify coverage gaps in their schedule. You can see the custom view by filtering reports department-wise, roll-wise, or location-wise. Also, see who is assigned to a specific shift at a time.

2. Swapping Shifts

Give employees the flexibility to trade shifts or pick up available shifts with the best employee shift scheduling software. It prevents double-booking and helps create a more efficient workplace for employees by helping prevent unplanned overtime costs.

3. Auto Assign Shift

Employee shift scheduling is one of the most time-consuming processes a business can go through. Online shift scheduling software automates matching an employee with the appropriate role in an organized way, speeding up the process and saving everyone time.

4. Employee Shift Analytics

Shift scheduling software online provides insight into labor costs, schedules, and calendar reports. It also provides financial statements and time clock information. These summaries are vital to keeping the management informed about the entire staff’s schedule and working information.

5. Payroll Integration

Integrating shift scheduling software with payroll software saves a lot of time, improves efficiency, and reduces mistakes. Make sure the software has an option to import schedules into the payroll system. Features that allow integration will save countless hours in the long run.

5. Notify Employee of Schedule Change

When any manager often changes the schedule of an employee shift they need the best employee scheduling software, it can save time. With automated shift scheduling software, you can automatically notify employees of change requests and shift changes, with the request to receive a confirmation of receipt email. 

6. Employee Data Management

Employee shift scheduling software is essential to handle all your employee’s data, including contact information, licenses, training, documents, certifications, expiration dates, and education information. This will help you align job responsibilities with their expertise and ensure compliance.

7. Task Management

Employee shift scheduling software lets you manage your tasks and projects by tracking billable and nonbillable work, managing your portfolio, budget allocation, meeting schedules, and employee workloads while maintaining productivity and efficiency.

8. Track Payroll & Other Expenses

An employee’s work time will affect their compensation. Employee shift scheduling software has built-in features that help in making it easier for companies to manage their employee payrolls & other expenses. 

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Which Industries Benefited from Shift Scheduling Software

In this digital world, many big industries or small businesses are benefiting from employee shift scheduling software. Take a look at the top industries that are using online employee shift scheduling software

1. Staff Scheduling Software for Healthcare

Healthcare is the industry where many employees work. Healthcare Employee scheduling software is essential because they are working for the most critical patients. Healthcare staff shift scheduling software organizes the scheduling process & provides an automated employee shift scheduling app to all doctors, nurses, etc.

2. Employee Scheduling Software for Manufacturing

Employee scheduling software for manufacturing is important for an efficient production workflow. Scheduling software schedules jobs and also provides helpful reports on scheduled tasks, status, and delays accurately.

3. Employee Scheduling Software for Construction

Employee scheduling software in Construction helps employees and contractors schedule building, demolition, and remodeling projects. Construction employee shift scheduling app manage employee in and out time, working time, employee sifting, etc.  With the tool managers can organize, assign, and distribute work from any device. It also helps in cost control & increases operating costs, & employee grievances.

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4. Employee Scheduling Software for Call Centers

Employee scheduling software is a must for call center, HR, and customer service departments to meet the demanding deadlines and handle more customers in less time. Call Centers’ employee scheduling software operates employee timing, working hr, idle hr, call tracking, no of call taking, etc.   It helps businesses to efficiently allocate their employees’ schedules according to the needs of their business at any given point in time.

5. Shift Scheduling Software for Small Business

Shift Scheduling Software for Small businesses is the ideal way to create a schedule for your staff. A small business needs to have a scheduling system that is easy and simple to use, which can be as effective as possible in terms of schedule updating. It provides clarity for employers & employees as well as makes it easier to manage employees, increase accountability, and reduce costs to optimize business.


Employee shift scheduling is a critical part of your business. With the best shift scheduling software, you can easily keep track of every employee’s schedule, so that your business runs as smoothly as possible. When managers use this tool, it’s easy to see what time employees are scheduled to arrive and leave each day. The key for any company is getting the most for the money they choose to invest in online employee shift scheduling software

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