How Employee Monitoring Helps To Calculate Productivity?

How Employee Monitoring Helps To Calculate Productivity? | Employee Monitoring Software India

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For every business, it is a challenge to calculate the productivity of the employees as they do not have proper reports for the team’s work. The next challenge is, increasing business operation costs and revenue is by 1.5 times every year and profits are not growing at the same rate.

Two main factors which have been observed for these challenges are either; employees are inefficient for performing the tasks assigned or they have put themselves in the resting mode or they are lost not able to identify the areas where they are lacking as they do not have proper reports of the work done.

Also, managers are struggling with it as they are not able to understand what is happening and how to improve it because they don’t have any records to showcase the mistakes done or to identify the areas of improvement.

It’s seemingly impossible to record employee activities for identifying the areas of improvement, however, technology has made it easy with DeskTrack – An Employee Monitoring Software.

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DeskTrack Time Tracking provides the Automated Timesheets for the employee which monitors the actual time each team member spends at work. The data includes their attendance, absenteeism, overtime, meetings, and idle hours.

Timesheets is a key component in evaluating performance

It provides insights into the employee’s punctuality, attitude towards work, as well as plays a major role during appraisals, determining incentives or addressing any misunderstanding between the company and employee.

Timesheets are payroll

Timesheets play an important role in payroll. By collecting timesheets, you can easily identify the total time an employee spends at work, in the office, and on projects & tasks. This allows the calculation of actual billable hours for employees and clients.

Timesheets in productivity

For some businesses, time spent on the work can be considered as the major parameter to calculate Productivity, it can be derived by:

               Productivity = (Time spent at work/ Shift Time (Office working hours)) x 100

Automated Daily Work Reports by Activity Monitoring

DeskTrack provides 100% accurate reports of the team’s work with the total time spent on each activity. These reports comprise detailed information of apps and documents opened (name & path), URLs browsed, emails sent and received with counts, and all other desktop activities. With this detailed reporting of the employee, you can easily determine the productivity of an employee.

Evaluate performance with the daily reports

It would be very easy to evaluate the performance with detailed reports of the activities performed by the employee in a day or month or year. From these activities, you can easily analyze the working behavior; how focused and distracted an employee is likewise it happens if anyone continuously switches over different tasks then he would not stay focused thus the quality degrades.

Identify areas of improvement

Usually, Activity Monitoring is not preferred as it is considered micromanagement; however, identifying the areas of improvement is required. Individuals should identify on their own with the data logs to improve their working style, to stay focused, to avoid distractions, and to upgrade the quality of their work.

Productivity Calculation

To calculate productivity’ these reports are key they provide a crystal clear picture of the employee’s activities. On the basis of the Timesheets and activity logs, you can set the parameters to evaluate the productivity of an employee. The best parameters to calculate productivity are the time spent on the important apps, URLs, files, and office working hours.

Productivity = (Time spent on important apps, URLs, files /  Shift Time (Office working hours)) x 100.

Project Timesheets

Revenue and profits depend upon the project and task delivered to the client, it should be delivered timely with high quality. To determine the profit ratio it is essential to record the actual hours spent on the project which should be compared directly with the project cost and team’s cost. Most of the time when profits are less, business operation cost is high, productivity is low then the Project Delivery Time is more as per the estimated time thus the project cost is increased by 1 or 2 times. Therefore to determine productivity the most important parameter is Project Timesheets.

Productivity = Time Spent on projects & tasks / Shift Time  x 100

Every business must have proper records to determine the business profits and employee productivity use DeskTrack- An Employee Automated Time Tracking Software

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