How to Communicate the Need of Time Tracking Software to Employees?

How to Communicate the Need of Time Tracking Software to Employees

Everything always has 2 faces of a coin. The attitude of looking at anything A common saying some people look at glass half filled others see that half is empty. The noise and perception are in our heads and all recipients are our mindset. Whenever employees or anyone talked about time tracking software or employee monitoring software, people have major objections & push back they receive due to these:

  • Considering this a privacy break.
  • Big brother
  • No safe space or freedom
  • Trust issues that’s why employees implement
  • No need we work at our best
  • So on

So, let’s consider the real life Scenarios where you are surprised that you are always being tracked if you use any kind of technology.

Google and YouTube Ads and Videos:

Have you ever thought about how google and youtube start recommending you ads or videos of your interest or according to your recent search. Reason, They are tracking your browsing activities to provide that ads and videos.

Google Maps:

When you are using any kind of GPS or Maps, services companies have all your data. So many times you are traveling, google starts recommending you hotels and local events of your destination place.

This is because all your location data is with them and they are pushing your information according to it.

AI World:

We are all excited and happy nowadays with what AI is offering us. But have you ever thought about how AI trained on data, Faces, voices and so many other recommendations, this is all data gathered from us, from our phones, laptops, pc’s etc.

Long story short in this era of technology, if we are curious about being tracked knowingly or unknowingly it’s already been in practice for years.

Problem is not in collecting the information, the issue is about how to consume the information in the best and positive ways.

Why We Need Time Tracking Software and How to Consume That Information.?

We all know the importance of data and its analysis. All over the world, national and international policies rely on the analysis of data on economics, population, and gender. Without this analysis, effective global policies and planning cannot be developed.

Data is a new goal and analytics on the data is building a new future which helps it to grow.

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Value of employee monitoring and tracking tools in current working scenarios.

  • Project Historical Data:-

Automatic time tracking on any task and projects becomes historical data of further tasks of similar kind.

Ex. If any simple API development of mode is a tool, 2-3 years experience person – 6 hrs, then anything similar in nature with reusable code would be active for only 4-5 hrs.

This data analytics will help to do cost better estimation and bring more revenue.

  • Task Time Tracking Data and Teams Performance:-

Based on past data analysis you can see what travel complexity and skills required to finish certain tasks.

Ex. If there is a UI of any report design and development tool 2 people 2 days.

Now the current team tool takes 1.5 days or 3 days then you can first see why there is a difference and you can brainstorm and give feedback to your team members to import or promote.

  • Need Help:-

Some tasks require R&D and some are easy to do based on experience.

However, if someone you allocate the task and their browser activities tracking shows learning sites that means that person needs your help to move.

  • Identifying Downtime & Quiet Quitting:-

It is not that any human can be 100% productive all the time. So, activity track data shows information like if someone is browsing too many websites. spending 1-2 minutes, switching between many keeps shows he/she is having a hard time focusing on watching too many self help websites or any social content or video that means that person requires immediate help.

Sometimes some team members start off their jobs very well but later their performance goes down that means something went wrong in their work environment.

So, analyze their data in detail through Employee time tracking tool like DeskTrack and consult them before they quit.

  • Operational Cost and No. of Hours Required as Flexibility:-

Normally, We do cost calculation in general calculations like

Salary * 30% – 35% operation cost * 10 – 15% margins

But when you analyze the data in detail, you fire people who are working only with a capacity of 5% of hours, so your delivery time becomes double.

So, your operation is

(Salary)*2*Operational cost = 10-20% Loss

This data you can only get when you get into detailed data analysis.


Talking with CEOs and so many managers, nobody is interested in watching & monitoring day-to-day activities. Who has that time to browse into millions of records?

However, CEOs are interested in data analysis and making better policies, managing operational costs, and making wives of the future all functions enabled.

Hence, Employee monitoring software  or any time tracking like DeskTrack are actively not to watch or control a few freedoms but they are for little help based on real-time data.

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