How Time Tracking Software Can Help Education Sector?

How Time Tracking Software Can Help Education Sector?

Nowadays as everyone is scattered during the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore, it is becoming a challenge in education for teachers to see what their students are doing and similarly for the school/college/university admins to see how much attention teachers are giving to students. Whether classes have been handling properly or not, proper timings, assignments are shared or not, etc, there are many reasons at the same time.

It is very challenging to manage the online classes, satisfying parents and children as they are not familiar with the online education system. But with the help of technology, everyone is able to manage the challenge and, gradually it has brought acceptance.

Technology has made life easy by introducing tools for screen sharing, online task & attendance management.

To have their timesheet, check what students are doing for the day; whether the time spent at classes is productive or not. Thus Time Tracking & Desktop Monitoring Tools are playing a vital role in workforce management & performance analysis.

The Educational field has major effects during this pandemic as our education system does not support “Remote Education” but now everyone is looking to adopt a new system; although it is tough to manage but technology has made it easy.

How Technology is Playing a major role in the Education Sector?

Technology is playing a vital role in our lives and making it easy and hassle-free. 

This is the right time for educational institutions to implement online solutions that will not just help students in the current pandemic situation but will greatly benefit the entire system in the long run.

Time Tracking Solution Features: How It can be helpful for Education Sector?

Time Tracking

With Time Tracking, university administrators can determine how teachers & students are spending their hours, whether or not their performance is efficient and effective. However, analyzing an individual’s activities manually is not a good idea as it takes more time and effort.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring allows you to identify the real-time availability status of staff and students during the classes, understand an individual’s workflow, and protect them from unwanted behavior.

Attendance Monitoring

In educational institutions, activities are usually pre-planned. With such solutions, the teacher’s activities are being tracked by the administrators, while senior staff or teachers can respectively monitor the students that they are properly attending the classes or not.

Why do You need it?

With the advancement of technology, there are many tools available to automate the process. Data like attendance and educational activities don’t need to be done on paper. Many educational institutions are now adopting new technology trends like time tracking software for such reasons, are as follows:

To Reduce Manual Process

Handling the paperwork of the whole institution is not an easy task and when an automated solution is available, you don’t need to be. In this digital era, where everyone is moving to new technology solutions; paper timesheets have become an insufficient and lousy method of time tracking and attendance recording. An Employee Monitoring Software can help educational institutions to automate all the process of time and attendance recording and improve the payroll process at the utmost accuracy.

To Keep Track of Accurate Data

The educational process depends on accurate statistics and usable insight to analyze working patterns and make decisions on them.

Time Tracking Solution can be your preference for this as it provides error-free, detailed, and accurate information of both teachers and students in a clear & unbiased way. This also improves interpersonal relations, increases transparency, and provides a fair result for the entire staff and class.

To Manage 100% Transparency With Staff

The transparent environment makes staff members feel more valued; they get encouraged to be creative and share their input. You have to make sure to keep your staff happy with a transparent working environment. With a time tracking solution, you can keep proper records of them and reward them for their efforts. It maintains the integrity and relationship between staff and administrators.

To Maintain Efficiency and Efficacy

This software helps you to analyze the efficiency, efficacy of students & teachers, and the whole class with informative graphs.

To Avoid Distractions

Distractions can negatively impact both teacher and student’s concentration, performance, productivity, and potential thus they make more mistakes. 

Time Tracking Software allows administrators to track live session hours of teachers’ and student’s overall study time, desktop activities, in-out timing, and screenshots. This software helps educational institutions to best utilize their working time and avoid distractions that further improves overall productivity.

How To Choose the Best Software?


The first thing you can evaluate is the user interface. You can evaluate if it is easy to use, is the dashboard clear and understandable?

The software should be easily operated by anyone, make sure people; who don’t have much computer knowledge, are happy to use it.

Range Of Functions/Features

On the other hand, you don’t have to choose software with some basic DeskTrack features. That should be offered time tracking along with expense tracking and other features to fulfill your needs.


If you run into a problem whether it is small or large always contact the support asking for help. Their unavailability is an obvious red flag but if they are quickly available in solving your problem. This is a good sign for a future run.

Their support and maintenance play a vital role in deciding the perfect software for your organization. Their good response helps you solve all your problems at one place and you will enjoy using the software.


To check whether it is the right choice or not to complete your requirements; you can refer to existing customers’ reviews. Capterra, TrustPilot, FinanceOnline, and SoftwareSuggest are the few best user review platforms that aim to provide user feedback and their real experience about the tool.

These reviews are the key aspect to analyze and test yourself before choosing the software that is the right fit for your institution. You can even get answers to any queries you might have regarding the tool.


Before choosing the right software for your business check the awards. You can find awards on the home page of each tool. Every organization highlights the awards they have picked up in past years and the reason for achieving that. These awards help you get knowledge about the tool. You can get a brief introduction about the experience, branding, and marketing of the project.


Ultimately, we all have to adapt technological solutions to overcome the current obstacles in the education field. With Automated Time Tracking Software, technology has made it easy to get accurate information, avoid distractions, maintain 100% transparency and reduce manual processes that further help you to save time and efforts. All you have to do to getting ahead is getting started. Feel free to Contact Us regarding any queries.

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