Different Ways To Make Sure Your Employees are Working Properly

Working Properly

Employees sometimes waste time during working hours doing activities that are not productive. For that you might be thinking Is there any solution available in the market to track their work? Business owners always worrying about are their employees working when they are supposed to. They can rely on employees’ honesty and integrity or they can implement Employee Monitoring Software.

An organization that has a distributed team also faces difficulty in always keeping track of all employee’s working hours and productivity.
The best solution for all the mentioned problems is just to use specialized software to monitor employees like DeskTrack which ensures you always get accurate data and detailed information about what employees are doing during their working hours.

Employers don’t expect employees to work for eight hours straight but it’s important to track that they are working on tasks that have high priority, not just answer a few emails. Regardless of having access to monitor employees, you cannot look over their shoulders regularly.

So, what should employers do to ensure employers are working properly?

Complete List of Things to Improve Working Efficiency

Set Clear Expectations

The one who is creating a task needs to be thought out beforehand. That means every task should have a well-defined expected result and due date. This gives employees a clear picture of what needs to be done and in which time frame. This helps them to coordinate accordingly. Automated Time Tracking Software for Employees can be useful in this. All team members have a clear picture of which tasks are pending which are completed and at what time.

Track the Performance on a Regular Basis

Managers have to physically present with employees to check their work as they have to track the employee’s work regularly and measure their productivity. But, the Employee Tracking App like DeskTrack keeps an eye on all the things and make processes easier. Using this solution employers do not have to present physically they can track the performance and even help the employees where they are lacking.


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Manage Timesheets

Every team has weekly meetings where they discuss the task done and plan for the ones that need to start. This is an effective way to keep every employee accountable and can know about progress on tasks, getting feedback on tasks, and results. But if employers want to ensure that the staff is on the right track they need to introduce daily reports. To overcome the hurdle you can easily implement employee reporting software that allows you to see on which task employees are working and how much time they spent on each task.

Analyze Distraction

One of the best ways to monitor employee behavior is to track which websites they are spending their working hours on. To make sure employees are responsible at cyberspace you can implement innovative URL Tracking Software like DeskTrack. It tracks the clock in and clocks out time, browsing activity and also takes a screenshot when working. This helps to trace unproductive websites and app usage. You can also label productive and unproductive websites & apps in the software.


Employers have to keep an eye on employees to ensure productivity level. Whether you are working physically or remotely, tools like DeskTrack can help you with all this journey. Employees do more work when they know they’re being watched. To start a change in your working space you should introduce your employees to Desktop Activity Tracking Software and allow them to choose the process. This way they can see software as an aiding tool, not as a spy.

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