Why Employee Monitoring Solutions Are Required?

Why Employee Monitoring Solutions Are Required?

One concern we have heard from business leaders is they don’t have clear visibility into what their employee is focusing on during the business day, is it productive or not?

Today, the internet and computers are key to the success of the business. Sometimes employees, during the business day, surf the internet, use social media, watch youtube, and get involved in personal activities. This will Impact Productivity, which in turn impacts revenue and client satisfaction.

These challenges increase the cost of business and leaders are looking for tools that are capable of Monitoring/Reporting Productive Time, activities, tasks, internet usage, meeting and idle time, etc. These types of tools are gaining traction and are becoming critical to the success of their teams and business.

Introducing DeskTrack, the time tracking and Desktop Activity Monitoring Application for any business to identify the activities performed by employees each day. It provides real-time Reporting of the Team’s Productivity and identifies the areas of inefficient work habits as well as points managers and team leaders to the specific areas that need to be focus on to improve their organization’s efficiency.

Employee Monitoring Software

Research indicates that employees waste approximately 400 hours per year which translates to an increase of 20% operating cost.

Some of the key features of DeskTrack improve the organization’s efficiency and decrease the operation cost.

Real-Time Activity Tracking:

It logs the list of activities done by the teams with actual time spent on them.

Time Tracking:

Recording of actual hours helps in analyzing the total time spent by the teams while working and who is available to have tasks assigned. It easily identifies project hours for billing.

Automated Project and Task Time Tracking:

Our competitor’s tracking tool provides the manual time logger for the tasks, however, with our tool DeskTrack, you can automatically get the actual Project Timesheet which helps in calculating the actual billable hours.

Productivity Calculation:

Actual productivity calculator on the basis of office working hours, apps used, URLs browsed, and other productive activities for each day. With its powerful reporting, it highlights unproductive time.

Calculate Employee Productivity With DeskTrack

Internet Usage:

It tracks the total time spent on social media, URLs browsed as well as allows blacklisting of unproductive URLs which shows the actual stats of the time wasted in a day.

Desk Capture:

Some businesses require the actual screens of the team’s work as they are working from remote locations. They want to assure the team is working on the assigned tasks or not and some use these records to identify if someone is sharing confidential data outside of the organization.

Email Tracking:

Easily records the total time spent on email communication with client and employee, it keeps a record of total emails sent and received in a day to help identify if any emails are missed which may require a response. This feature is very powerful for recruiters, marketing, and business executives.

It easily showcases the areas where teams are lacking, their inefficient work habits, and where they need to be focused on increasing productivity. As well as it has become easy to identify the actual billable hours of the teams on the basis of the timesheets.

Feedback From Existing Clients:

They consider it is the best Employee Monitoring Software at affordable rates. It provides actual logs for their day-to-day activities and showcases the points where teams need improvement. It increased their efficiency by 40%.

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