What is Applicant Tracking Software? Features, Working Process

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Every organization holds different requirements, but similarities like hiring and maximizing new and top talents are essential for everyone. Multiple businesses face struggles and challenges in finding and hiring the best-fit employees for their organizations. The applicant tracking software streamlines the hiring procedure for recruiters, hiring managers, and HR departments.

A talent management system or recruiting software is commonly known as an applicant tracking system software. it helps companies to simplify the hiring process from beginning to end. It helps to post job posts on different job platforms, record applicants’ information, and select the most relevant applicants as per your organizational needs. Therefore, it stimulates your recruiting or applicant management and lessens your time to fill. Get the best web-based applicant tracking system software in India to log applicant resumes, assign the best skills in real-time, communicate with candidates, consult efficiently, make data-driven decisions, and never skip on prominent recruitments.

Working Process of Online Applicant Tracking System Software

The working process of the best online applicant tracking system software in India stores the complete data of applicants with their resumes, educational status, contact information, overall experience, and cover letter. It helps to transfer candidates’ data from one system to another as they proceed through the hiring procedure. The functionalities and features of ATS are created to improve the hiring process for both applicants and recruiters or HRs. However, features like email reminders and communication channels help recruiters to communicate better with the candidates, whereas it makes candidates feel more comfortable and transparent throughout the operation.

The top applicant tracking system is best for offering recruiters or managers to introduce, collaborate, and give feedback to recruiting the best fit for their organization, so they don’t have to lose the best talents. Also, it assures applicants about their place and where they stand.

Why Use An Applicant Tracking System?

Best Online Applicant tracking systems online can be very useful for any type of organization. It allows human resources to recruit the best talents, so integrating the wrong one can cause various issues and waste time and money too. So, have a look at the following advantages of having the best applicant tracking software features:

Find and Draw Eligible Candidates

According to Shane Malik, Senior Recruiter at Ducknowl,  numerous companies are unable to reach or connect with the most relevant job seekers. Likewise, many others are skipping the important information to find the most suitable applicants on different online platforms.

The best applicant tracking software for small businesses helps you resolve or face all these challenges. Therefore, it helps you better understand the experience, status, and work behavior of a candidate and target precise job seekers in the outlets and media they operate most.

Improve Applicant Engagement

Recruiting and hiring applicants can never be easy, as it takes a lengthy procedure and a systematic strategy. You can easily lose a good candidate because of slow response, time, and inadequate engagement within interview agendas. The best candidate tracking system helps you organize things better and makes it effortless to collaborate with the most suitable candidates.

Enhance Efficiency and Reduce Expenses

Applicants proceed gradually through the recruiting method because of the inadequate manual techniques, insufficient teamwork among the recruiting team, and poor contact with critical hiring stakeholders. This process is a waste of time and costs to hire. A productivity monitoring software in India builds possibilities to automate manual operations, improve visibility into the hiring process for the human resources team, and enhance options for communication all over the applicant campaign.

Optimize the Onboarding Method

The best applicant tracking system software also helps in the onboarding procedure as it keeps a tab on employees who have taken the job. It helps managers to know about their work behavior and processing and the complete details they ought to begin constructing an influence from their starting day, boosting overall productivity and retention.

How can Applicant Tracking Systems Improve the Selection Process?

Applicant tracking systems are used by employers to track applications submitted, resumes viewed, and applicants scouted. The purpose of an applicant tracking system is to speed up the hiring process and automate data input thus improving the efficiency of a recruitment team by ensuring that each member of staff has a clear view of what steps take place in the hiring decision-making process.

Applying for a job takes a lot of time and effort. If you want to make sure that the application process is quick and painless, then you will likely want to consider implementing an applicant tracking system (ATS).

Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System for Candidates

In this fast-growing competitive world, every industry has been in the race to get first. Likewise, the HR and recruiting managers seem to get into every possible benefit that makes them hire the best talents for their organization. Therefore the applicant tracking software is the best option to hire the best candidates. Read more about applicant tracking system advantages:

Enhanced Candidate Experience

Almost every job applicant wishes to have a frictionless digital understanding at the time of their job hunt. The best advantage of the applicant tracking system is that it automates numerous bulkiest factors of job searching by delivering self-service interview scheduling, auto-fill online applications, and effortless, compatible contacts covering almost every recruiting group.

Greater Efficiency in the Hiring Process

There are a lot of recruiting groups that are unable to unite effectively, have insufficient visibility into where they find candidates for hiring procedures, or are unable to deliver necessary details to an applicant. Therefore, it seems a considerable disappointment for maximum candidates, who assemble findings on whether to get a position or not based on every element of the understanding. The best benefit of applicant tracking software is that it can help dodge adverse problems, get employed quickly, and create a lot of optimistic communication for the designation.

Immediate Impact After the Hire

The best talent searches for the best opportunities and possibilities. An applicant tracking system software not only helps in recruiting and hiring but presents multiple means to simplify the onboarding approach. It causes the evolution from applicant to full-time worker to a better aspect.

Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System for Recruiters and Employers

The best applicant tracking system helps recruiters and employers in different ways, and some are given below:

  1. Speed up your recruitment process
  2. Improve the quality of hire
  3. Elevate candidate experience
  4. Lower cost per hire
  5. Facilitate collaborative hiring
  6. Boost employer brand
  7. Redefine recruiting metrics
  8. Assist in finding candidates
  9. Easy interview scheduling
  10. One-click job posting to multiple job boards
  11. Reduce time-to-fill
  12. Mitigate bias

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How To Select Applicant Tracking System?

In this fast-growing digital era, everyone needs to be better and work effortlessly. So before choosing an applicant tracking system for a small business, it is imperative to go through the multiple options available in the market and select the best applicant tracking software according to your business requirements:

The Best Customer Support

When it comes to using a new ATS solution, at that time, you may have multiple doubts or questions in your mind. Therefore, before selecting the best employee tracking software, you should know its functions and provide you with the best customer support. Also, look for live chat or phone or email built-in support with a training or onboarding program that makes you understand how to place a career porter, inspect a resume, set up an employee referral system, different integrations, and many more.

Customization and Configuration As Per Your Requirements

Look for applications that can be customizable easily as per your organizational needs as every recruitment organization has its specifications. Inspect all the features that are mainly essential for the user settings, help to add more applicants and their necessities, or personalize each inquiry. An applicant tracking software will be the best fit that can fulfill all our recruitment essentials in a stroke.

Manage and Schedule Interviews

It will be easier for anyone to schedule and manage an interview with a good applicant tracking system. You can design the meeting according to everybody’s calendar and must ensure the automation of the applicant tracking software. An organized interview means no hustle on your side and a positive feedback response from the candidate. You can add many small features to the interview like scorecards, interview supplies, etc.

Valid Reports and Dashboards

A complete and self-explanatory report can help you make informed decisions regarding who to hire. Even after the completion of interviews, there could be confusion or disagreement among the team about candidates. However, reports and analytics can help you overcome this hurdle.

Choose an employee time tracking software that provides robust KPI reports for future help.

High Security

While dealing with vital data, you must require a robust and top-notch safety system. When selecting your applicant tracking software, check its security system thoroughly and if it meets all the standard tight security features.

SSL sessions and passwords are a must in a good applicant tracking software.

Flawless Relationship Management

The best online applicant tracking system in India helps you manage your relationships with your candidates appropriately and expressively. When you can filter, tag, or write down notes on your applicant database, keep yourself up to date with the overall details on each job, many connected connections on each record, and find the best candidate that matches your requirements and is best for the position. Therefore, if you do not face any issues while searching for applicants through the best applicant tracking system software, then you have chosen the best fit for your organization.

Features of Applicant Tracking Software

Here are some of the top features of applicant tracking software that can help you recruit the best candidates for your organization:

Career Page Hosting

Multiple applicant tracking systems let you handle the display of your organization’s website for available jobs from its medium. It provides various options for a manageable creation. You can add logos, illustrations, and social media options to make your openings well available in the market. It is the key feature of the applicant tracking system.

Job Distribution

Job distribution is the best option to enhance connections with top candidates. This feature of an applicant tracking system helps to select the best fit as per your requirements and choose the top talents. Also, the best applicant tracking system software has collaborated with many recruitment sites, which helps improve your connections with just a job post. It allows you to post your job position on different job boards and record all the details of upcoming applicants for further processing.

Receiving and Sorting Applications

The applicant tracking software in India contains the feature of receiving and sorting the applicants as per your requirements. It removes the less qualified candidates from the list and selects the best ones.

Resume Storage

The online applicant tracking system stores all the resumes it has obtained at the time of recruitment even after the vacancy is full. It holds every resume and provides you whenever needed. It is the best applicant tracking system feature that can be used to hire additional employees or someone who can be the best match for the position.

Interview Schedulers

The Applicant tracking software allows you to have a conversation with your applicants through messaging as the chatbot available in the software helps you further. You can use it to convey anything you require, ask questions, and schedule interviews.

Social Sharing

Almost every applicant tracking system has been designed by keeping social media in mind. This software automatically posts your job positions on different social media platforms with just a click for connection enhancement. It is the top benefit of the applicant tracking system This helps you in multiple ways as many applicants can apply directly through these platforms.

Top Applicant Tracking Systems List

Below mentioned are the top applicant tracking systems software list in India. Select the best fit for your organization:

  • BambooHR- BambooHR is the leading applicant tracking system designed to help recruiters and hiring managers manage their workforce.
  • Bullhorn- Bullhorn is known as the best applicant tracking software. This online applicant tracking software can help you capture leads, review applications, and hire the right candidate.
  • Greenhouse- Greenhouse applicant tracking system is a leading Enterprise Application Software that helps in the processing of varied applications successfully. It provides a unified user interface for the end-user and helps them to maintain their resumes and make online applications.
  • IBM Kenexa BrassRing- BrassRing is a candidate relationship management system (CRM) that helps you to better serve your customers and take advantage of the right-sized workforce.
  • iCIMS- iCIMS is a leading enterprise recruitment software and applicant tracking system. It’s the most comprehensive recruitment management software on the market and provides you with everything you need to effectively recruit, manage, and optimize talent.
  • Jobvite- It provides a wide range of software plus services that help you manage your recruiting process. Their technology platform allows you to get new hires and improve the productivity of your organization
  • Oracle Taleo- It is an online talent management tool that helps companies find, hire, and manage their employees, including accounting staff, sales representatives, lawyers, and financial accountants.
  • SmartRecruiters- Smartrecruiters applicant tracking software suite is a complete, one-stop shop for recruitment and HR. It combines everything you need to find, hire, manage, and pay the best candidates from all over the world.
  • SAP SuccessFactors- SAP SuccessFactors is an employee management suite that helps you manage your workforce, improve performance, and improve engagement.
  • Workable- A software that helps you to track employees and their working time, increase productivity, and avoid overtime pay.


The best applicant tracking system software is the rich implementation that persists in creation to fit the speed of evolution and needs in the organization. There is a lot of tracking software available in the market nowadays that can help you face all the challenges related to your recruitment and job searching issues and provide you with the best applicants as per your needs. You can select the best applicant tracking system software from above that can help you achieve your goals effortlessly and robustly.

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