How to Choose the Best Time Tracking Software for Employees?

time tracking software

Time tracking software provides businesses with a lot of advantages that can help them achieve the best and on time. In the earlier time, people were dependent on the spreadsheet or paperwork to log time, payroll management, leave management, attendance, and many more, which led to a lot of errors and issues that made them feel more doubtful and unmotivated towards the company and their work too.

But nowadays, time tracking software has made things easy and automatic, helping companies manage everything without any errors. Also, it helps employees feel more independent as it removes the subjects of micromanaging and builds transparency and trust among the complete workforce.

With this, companies can identify and understand the processing and patterns of the work done by their employees during their working hours with real-time reports and insights.

With this in mind, many companies are moving forward to implement the time tracking tool for a better work environment and improved productivity with better revenue.

Therefore, before choosing time tracking software for your organization, make sure you get complete returns on your invested money, have a look at the following steps to choose the best for your organization:

Choose The Qualities As Per Your Organization’s Requirements

Before choosing the time tracking tool qualities your organization requires, you need to go through the main elements of your time tracking system. Always keep in mind that the software you are choosing matches your needs and is easy to use in every aspect. So, consider the below-given points to implement the best:

Time Tracking

Time tracking is the most essential feature a company needs as it provides accurate and automatic tracking of employees. Be sure about the tool you are going to buy that it should provide some kind of features that can log the hours after finishing a task or set a timer and track the time worked.

Therefore, this feature will help you decide the accurate pricing and value to pay the employees for in-house or employees working from home. Also, make sure to have software that can help you record all your time segments and tracking information for the long term.

Data Analysis

A time tracking software should have the feature to analyze the complete data of work done, as this will help you manage the future pricing of the projects. It will help you manage the accurate pricing as per the accurate information recorded by the software. Time tracking is important to manage your recorded and upcoming data.

Billing and Invoicing

What if your time tracking system helps you manage all your payroll, billing, and invoicing in just a second? It would be great for your organization to have a complete record of data that will help you charge your freelancers and pay your employees as per their efforts and work done by them. So, find the one with the feature of integration with the existing tools or have the in-built payment method that can help you generate error-free invoicing every time you pay your employees.

Brief Overviews

Time tracking software should help you to have a complete record of time spent and work done by your employees in the overall working hour duration. With the time tracking tool, you can identify the gaps that your employees are struggling with and help them improve better with their working patterns, manage time and have complete independence to discuss the same with their managers. Also, the software will help you in finding methods to drive conversations with customers, enhance time analysis on specific projects, and increase overall productivity.

Team Tracking

Studies have shown that employees working in an organization spend a lot of time on social media, personal work, and other sites that create distractions during their working hours. To manage all these situations, best time tracking software will help managers have a clear picture of employee activity done throughout their working hours. It improves the visibility and productivity of the workforce and helps to save a lot of time to complete the allotted tasks or projects on time.

Project Tracking

Having a track of your ongoing project can help you manage future projects with ease, as the right time tracking software will help you know the time spent and efforts given by an employee on a particular task. It will help you understand your needs for a project better and will provide you with clear insights to work better in the future.


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Benefits of Best Time Tracking Software

Having the best time tracking software implemented in your organization benefits you in multiple aspects and will surely help you to:

→ Increased Productivity

The best time tracking software provides companies with a complete track of their employee’s daily activities and allows them to self-assist themselves to know the gaps. Also, it analyzes the productive aspect of your organization by specifying goals and deadlines and maintaining employees’ activity.

→ Less Effort for Time Capture

Utilizing the manual method can be time-consuming, hectic, and boring, whereas time tracking software will automatically track the working hours and activities performed by the employees. Managers don’t have to micromanage their workforce to manually know the progress or process as the software will provide a complete report of work done in real-time.

→ Transparency

The time tracking software creates more transparency as the employees who are working on a timely basis or project basis need to have accurate and recorded data to get paid. Therefore, the software helps them prevent expensive and time-consuming conflicts about invoices.

→ Enhanced Accuracy

Continuous time tracking leads to more accuracy and consistency in work and planning with more satisfactory processes. With the help of a time tracking tool, you can identify the time spent on each project by an employee and get the estimation accordingly to complete future projects before deadlines.

→ Empowered Employees

The time tracking software helps organizations manage better in all aspects as it helps their employees stay focused and motivated. Working with the proper management leads to a better understanding of the company’s requirements. Therefore, employees complete their work according to the given deadlines.

Is It Effortless to Operate the Software?

If you are going to integrate one of the time tracking software to improve the overall performance of your workforce, then you should know if it is easy and effortless to use the software or not. However, the software provides you with some primary features or any advanced features it should be easy to implement and use.

Therefore, if you have to understand each and every feature or program or have to struggle with the same to implement, then there will be no significance to integrating it because the primary role of time tracking software is to track time and help users to save it by providing them with clear insights.

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The best type of software comes with flawless and flexible processing with basic features that are easy to understand by anyone. Also, the tool’s team should strive for continuous inventions and maintain the everyday trends of time tracking.

So, before executing any time tracking software, you should go for the proper testing, see if it fits your requirements and whether your employees find it helpful and easy while utilizing it.

Comprehend your Budget Before Selecting Tool

Before implementing a time tracking software, the first and foremost thing that you have to keep in mind is your budget. Your budget will tell you the tool you’ll pick, but keep in mind that you don’t have to waste a lot of money on an effective solution.

Different companies provide different pricing solutions, and many of them provide free usage in which the user can use all its features for free without paying any value.

And if you are searching for the best fit for your organization, DeskTrack can be your partner to improve and grow your overall productivity and revenue.


Operating a tool full of features does not mean that it will improve your business reputation in the market. Time tracking software may boost various privacy issues but will surely help you to address employee productivity and time management. So, when determining the time tracker tool, you should consider the qualities of the software and your requirements too.

Time tracking software can make your employees stay focused on work with improved transparency and make them stay for a long period in an organization. Different aspects will define your preference. Your business and regular workflow will specify the features you’ll require.

Therefore, the best time tracking software will help businesses in every aspect, whether it is a small or large size enterprise. However, employing a price-friendly and flexible tool that works better for your company’s growth is the most crucial thing. So, choose the tracker that can be the best fit for your organization as well as your employees for better management and efficiency.

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