How Employee Engagement Can Increase Employee Motivation?

How Employee Engagement Can Increase Employee Motivation | Employee Monitoring Software India

Employee Engagement is an approach that results in the best condition of all the members of an organization. It is based on trust, integrity, commitment, and communication between employees and the organization. This procedure increases the chance of business success, adding to individual & organizational performance and productivity.

Employee Motivation is termed as energy level, enthusiasm, commitment, and the amount of creativity that employee brings to the organization.  Motivated employees are like assets to any business as they bring organizational success.

Engaged Employees are naturally motivated. They love what they are doing, try to learn new skills, and will be passionate about implementing their talent. According to Aberdeen’s analysis, engaged employees increase customer reliability by 233 percent and revenue by 26 percent annually.

Now, the question arises on how employee engagement helps to increase employees’ motivation?

Employee Engagement is connected to three main factors that are work environment, people, and culture. Employee engagement we can do on two levels: individual and team. This can be achieved when the employees are working together collaboratively, achieving the same goals, and committed to the team & its objectives.

Here is the list of methods of how employee engagement helps to improve motivation.


  • Share Important Information: Clear your business goals, objectives, strategic direction, and previous achievements with them.
  • Define Expectations: Your employees should know what you expect from them individually or as a team.
  • Feedback: Make an open door for all the employees to share their ideas and give you feedback.
  • A Better Understanding of Employees: Talk to your employees and try to know about their personal and professional interests.
  • Encourage Employees: Motivate your employees to take new responsibilities and develop new skills and confidence.
  • Break: Encourage your employees to take a lunch break and also allow breaks in between; it will help them come back to work with freshness and reduce stress.
  • Make Your Employees Comfortable: Ask your employees is their workload manageable or they are facing any issues. Comfortable them with organization so they can share their problems and you have to do anything to ease any excess workload from them.
  • Constructive Criticism: Talk to employees’ poor performance privately, show them issues and work together on how you can help them by asking about ideas to improve their performance.
  • Reward & Recognition Scheme: Incentives and rewards can improve your employee engagement and motivates them.


The only secret for increasing employee motivation through engagement is there should be no secrets in the organization. You can ask your employees about the improvements or changes required to make their time at work more productive & fruitful. In this process, Employee Monitoring Tool can also be helpful. Employees will feel valuable for organization, their work will be in the form of reports, proper work will assign to them; this will give a better understanding to employees and employers and increase the level of accountability. This way employees will feel engaged and result in motivated individuals.


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