Leave Management System Software – A Complete Guide

Leave Management System Software

In the complex modern working environment, where there is a high emphasis on employee availability monitoring accuracy, the need to implement leave management system software is also essential. The software accurately records time off and leave data. It gives managers and administrators simplicity and ease-of-access in staff availability management.

However, you can’t just implement any leave management system, hoping it works for you. You need to consider organizational requirements, purpose, objectives, software features, and the benefits you need from the solution. So, to get you started, we are providing you with a comprehensive guide on automating and accruing leave management.

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What is a Leave Management System?

In short, leave management system software are desktop applications that simplify time off and employee availability management. The tool provides organizations with a plethora of comprehensive features that help simplify leave and time off management. The application streamlines the processes by automation and simplification. Furthermore, managers get real-time updates on leave requests, easy single-click approvals/disapprovals, and other benefits, making it the most useful tool.

Core Features of Leave Management Systems

Features of Leave Management Systems
Features of Leave Management Systems

When it comes to choosing the best-fit leave management software solution for your organization, the first element to look for is the features. Furthermore, Leave management systems provide many solutions, fit for various organizational needs. However, these are the must-have core functionalities you need to look for.

Automated Leave Requests and Approvals

This is the buzz feature and the reason why leave management system software are gaining usage popularity in many organizations. In short, automated leave requests and approvals save crucial time as managers decide with a single-click on leave requests. Likewise, employees can also send quick time off applications. Overall, this leaves more hours to focus on essential work.

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Real-Time Leave Balance Tracking

What we love about an online leave management system is that not only managers can quickly approve and disapprove leaves. However, the application also lets managers and employees keep real-time tabs on the remaining leave balance. This eliminates any confusion or trickery to take more leaves than allowed, thanks to the most accurate data values.

Customizable Leave Policies

Another great thing about leave management system software is complete flexibility and customization via configuration. Administrators can set hierarchical rules on leaves, time off, breaks, half-days, and all other regulations. This allows adaptability that suits the modern work environment.

Integration with Payroll and HR Systems

Another useful feature of a leave management app is that it streamlines the processes between the different tools you use. Not only does integration with payroll and HR systems make the process simple through quick data transfer. However,  it also adds more functionality to the software.

Reporting and Analytics

Leave management tools make the most accurate reports through detailed real-time analysis. Managers can view and evaluate useful information including leaves, time off, absenteeism, employee availability, and more from a single platform. This reduces about 66 hours yearly spent on leave management as per a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) report.


Advantages of Leave and Attendance Management System Usage

Advantages of Leave Management System-min

Now that you know about the key features of leave management system software, let’s discuss a little about the advantages you get with proper usage. However, please note that the benefits may vary from organization to organization. Below, we are giving a few benefits of leave management applications.

Streamlined Processes

Leave and attendance management systems streamline organizational processes and workflow by automating leave management. Stats as per industry research show that the application helps reduce by up to 90% of manual management on time off and other HR processes.

Improved Accuracy and Compliance

Using leave management system software also improve management accuracy and employee compliance with work hours. Due to accurate data values and proof-backed metrics, employees adhere to the company policies. Managers can also establish 100% transparency with employees. Overall, it also increases trust and loyalty.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

Using software for leave management also make it fair and convenient for employees. Due to the user-friendly online portal, employees can easily track their leave and other updates. Managers also establish 100% clarity, accessibility, flexibility, adaptability, communication, collaboration, compliance, and fairness.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Due to the comprehensive features leave management system software provide, administrative burden is also reduced. Since the software solutions automate and simplify processes through a single centralized platform, providing accurate reports, administrators work more efficiently.

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How to Choose the Right Leave and Attendance Management System?

How to Choose the Right Leave and Attendance Management System-min

Choosing the best software for leave management will result in giving you the most optimized output and benefits. However, you need to consider various factors, prerequisites, and options before finalizing the best-fit solution. Don’t worry though, we have got you covered here as well.

Assessing Business Needs

First and foremost, when you are choosing leave management system software your organizational requirements get priority. What purpose will the tool serve? We recommend shortlisting options with the most useful features. The next step is removing the ones, which don’t fit your requirements.

Evaluating Features and Functionality

The next step is to evaluate the online leave management system’s features and functionalities against your requirements. We also recommend checking for configurational flexibility and customization. A good tip is to always get a free demo or trial first.

User-Friendliness and Accessibility

The Leave management system software you choose, must also be user-friendly and provide ease-of-access. A good user interface ensures that employees and managers get the most benefits and time-saving with proper usage. If all the features and functionalities are easily available when needed, it streamlines every work.

Integration Capabilities

So far, we are down to accessing business requirements, evaluating features and functionalities, user-friendliness, and accessibility. Now, we require checking the integration capabilities of the leave management software. Easy integration capabilities ensure that the software gets added functionality. Plus, the processes are streamlined between the supported tools. This saves time, space, and costs.

Vendor Reputation and Support

The last thing to check before finalizing the leave management system software is its reputation. Read user reviews, ask clients, and get free trials to know if the software is the best-fit solution for your organization. Furthermore, we also recommend knowing the support and help system.

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Top 10 Leave Management System Software

Choosing the best-fit leave management software solution for your organization can be overwhelming.

  • DeskTrack
  • Deel
  • BambooHR
  • Replicon
  • Homebase
  • actiPLANS
  • Leave Dates
  • Calamari
  • Vacation Tracker
  • LeaveBoard


DeskTrack is the best leave management system software to fulfill employee management requirements. More than a leave tracker, it’s like an all-rounder cricket player. It’s an all-in-one software package for simplifying employee monitoring, time-tracking, project management, and productivity management.

Best for Rating Price
Best overall 5/5 $5.99/month/user


Deel is a global online leave management system and workforce management application for organizations. We recommend it to your business for the requirement of simplifying HR processes including managing contracts, expenses, and payroll. However, it is quite expensive than the other software on our list.

Best for Rating Price
Time off management 4.8/5 $49/month/user


BambooHR is a leave management app, which offers comprehensive tools, features, and functionalities for time-tracking, leave management, hiring, onboarding, performance monitoring, payroll, benefits, and employee database management. However, some features are available only as paid add-ons.

Best for Rating Price
HR Management System 4.4/5 $7/month/user


This leave and attendance management system + workforce management software is a handy tool for your HR management. This one is best for managing employee attendance and work-hour data. However, to get all the features, you need to subscribe to all 3 of their plans, which can get very expensive.

Best for Rating Price
Time off policy and compliance management 4.3/5 $6/month/user


The next software for leave management on our list is good for small to medium-sized businesses. If you need a simple and efficient way to manage your employees’ schedules, time-tracking, and PTO requests, then we recommend Homebase. However, first-time login is difficult.

Best for Rating Price
Team communication for small businesses 4.2/5 $20/month + payroll add-on $6/user/month + $39/month Base


This holiday tracking software is all about time off request management. Furthermore, features for PTO management and reporting features are also available. However, you can’t edit requests once sent, which can be troublesome, if the employee wants to extend their leave or if they are available on the date of leave requested.

Best for Rating Price
Hassle-free leave management 4.5/5 $1.90/month/user

Leave Dates

What we like about this leave management system software is its user-friendly and simple interface, which offers various features customizable to meet your various business requirements. Plus, many good integrations are available. However, it offers limited features and you can’t add back any leaves.

Best for Rating Price
Customizable to meet various business needs 4.8/5 $1/month/user


This leave management software is one of the best for automating PTO and leave management. Good for simplifying time off and leave management, it’s easy to navigate, affordable, and offers various features. However, tracking your employees’ leaves on the mobile application can get overwhelming.

Best for Rating Price
Automating PTO and leave management 4.6/5 $2/month/user

Vacation Tracker

As the name suggests, this online leave management system is solely focused on vacation management. One of the best tools on our list for simplifying time-off management, it has a user-friendly interface, provides helpful automation, and real-time monitoring features. However, what we found missing from the application is accrual tracking and custom messaging.

Best for Rating Price
Easy leave management and monitoring 4.4/5 $1/month/user


LeaveBoard on our list is a cloud-based holiday tracking software, which offers many features for simplifying employee scheduling, centralizing workforce data, and empowering teams by generating accurate reports. Furthermore, the design is best for small and medium-scale enterprises. However, you can’t use the mobile application, because they forgot to develop it.

Best for Rating Price
Simplifies scheduling and leave management 4.4/5 $1.35/month/user

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Future Trends in Online Leave Management Systems

Trends in Online Leave Management Systems

Like all software, online leave management system solutions adapt to new market trends. Over the years, the new trends and patterns have ensured continuous development in this software industry as well. Some of these trends have also sparked our interest.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning add the benefit of more accuracy and better automation to leave management system software. Furthermore, new functionality of voice recognition and others can also be added with AI integration.

Mobile Accessibility

These days, work dependability on mobiles has gradually increased. That’s why software for leave management accessibility on mobile has been made simple. Employees and managers can get smartphone access via browser, web application, or app for more convenience.

Cloud-Based Solutions

A cost-saving solution organizations opt for is cloud-based leave management system software. This provides all the functions and features of the cloud including enhanced security, cloud infrastructure, and a lot more.

Enhanced Security Measures

Leave and attendance management systems have always been focusing on data security. However, over the years new and enhanced security measures have also been implemented that prevent data leaks, insider threats, and other security issues.

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Why is DeskTrack the Best Leave Management System Software?

There is a reason why 100K+ users across 100+ nations use DeskTrack for leave management.  The software solution is more than a simple leave management tool. The application also provides time tracking and employee productivity monitoring features that enhance efficiency and productivity. However, what makes it unique is the maximum level of customization, flexibility, and multi-OS support features. Furthermore, the software is easily integrable with other tools for added functionality and hassle-free workflow.

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Leave management system software are solutions that simplify time off and leave management in organizations. The various comprehensive features automate processes, streamline workflow, keep employees satisfied, and reduce administrative burdens. However, only choosing the right software will ensure that your requirements and objectives are met, boosting overall, focus, efficiency, and productivity. Furthermore, AI and cloud integration, mobile accessibility, and enhanced security are the new trends being implemented for improvement. However, to what extent? We don’t know yet but we do know that to maximize employee performance, you require using DeskTrack.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Purpose of the Leave Management System?

Software for leave management is a solution designed to aid businesses accrue and automate leave management. This saves time on manual errors and inaccuracies. Furthermore, it enables managers and employees to improve focus, efficiency, productivity, and overall organizational performance.

What are the Features of Leave Management Software?

A leave management app is the best tool to optimize and streamline leaves, employee availability, and time off. These are the must-have core features in your software.

  • Automated Leave Requests and Approvals
  • Real-Time Leave Balance Tracking
  • Customizable Leave Policies
  • Integration with Payroll and HR Systems
  • Reporting and Analytics

What are the Benefits of Leave Management Software?

By using leave management applications, employees and managers get various advantages over competitors. These improve overall organizational efficiency, productivity, and growth.

  • Streamlined Processes
  • Improved Accuracy and Compliance
  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction
  • Reduced Administrative Burden

Which is the Best Leave Management System Software?

DeskTrack is the best software application for leave management. The software is more than a simple leave management tool, which also provides:

  • Employee monitoring
  • Time tracking
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Comprehensive features and functionalities
  • Simple integrations
  • Flexibility, customization, and adaptability via configuration

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