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Payroll System Redefined

Automate Payroll Calculation

Automate Payroll Calculation

Generate automatic payrolls within a few clicks with DeskTrack. Payslips contain a breakdown of taxes, allowances, and deductions.

Diversify Salary Frameworks

Simply and effectively create multiple salary slabs online for easy distribution across your staff hierarchy.

Diversify Salary Frameworks
Yearly Hours Saved

Timely Payments Satisfy Employees

Directly transfer employees’ salaries to their bank accounts. This helps your employees stay longer due to timely payments.

Optimize Administrator Privileges

Payroll staff processes payrolls while admins still maintain role-based access and control.

Reduce Workload on Projects
Identify The Total Work Hours

Reduce the Burden of Employee Requests

Get your employees and payroll staff to collaborate on one platform, reducing the burden of salary requests.

Integration for Optimized Billing

Our Employee Monitoring Software is getting the integration with our own invoicing and payroll tool for optimization. The added functionality of invoicing and payrolling makes the software flexible. Configure the initial payroll settings and then it's automated. For invoicing, you can manage every bill detail from a user-friendly interface. Plus more integrations are possible anytime. It just keeps getting better.

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Integration for Optimized Billing

Accurate Invoicing Gives You:

Accurate Billable Hours Calculation

Accurate Billable Hours Calculation

Charge your clients only for the billable hours. Our software aids you in automatically ruling out any work not directly involving clients from the chargeable work time.

Eliminate Overbilling and Underbilling

Eliminate Overbilling and Underbilling

Bill your clients with the exact amount your employees have worked for and save expenses. With DeskTrack, you can say goodbye to the big issue of overbilling and underbilling.

Why Choose DeskTrack for Invoicing and Payrolls

Why Choose DeskTrack for Invoicing and Payrolls

DeskTrack automates the process of invoicing and payrolling, saving your valuable time. Furthermore, you enjoy these other advantages.

  • Boost Employee Engagement
    Eliminate overbilling and underbilling clients.
  • Improve Employee Efficiency
    Automatically calculate billable and non-billable hours.
  • Optimal Processes
    Get more business by maintaining strong relationships with old and new clients.
  • Optimal Processes
    Fairly pay your employees on time.
  • Optimal Processes
    Directly transfer their salaries to their bank accounts.

Get DeskTrack and Start Making Accurate Payrolls

Ready to implement fair pay, accurate invoicing, and payrolls with DeskTrack? Click below and get started now.


Top Clients Choose DeskTrack For Payroll and Invoicing

With DeskTrack, project management is easy now. We are able to reach a timeline within the delivery dates and produce productivity employee wise. Our Project management process has become smoother and aligned. Projects and Employees are more planned .

Keith Corrigan

CEO at small business

Automated project time tracking helps rectify lags in time deliverables and imitate what is going wrong. Employees are more focused towards work and self analysis is helping them analyze distractions and efficient time management.

Shailendra Revankar

Owner at small business

Great tool to maintain a balance between office and work from home employees. We get a clearer picture of what has been worked upon and how efficient we are at work. Being a manager I can get a clear picture of what is going on in just a few seconds.


Managing Director at small business

DeskTrack gave us a one stop solution regarding login and logout times of employees. It enables the visibility of productivity by telling who is “Working Late” instead of “Staying late”. It has great dashboards and awesome real time reports.

Todd Bavol

Managing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the DeskTrack.

Payrolls and invoicing software are tools, which are used to generate payrolls and invoices. Generally, these use an automated calculating feature for the utmost accuracy and time-saving.

DeskTrack is the best software for generating automatic payrolls and invoices. Here’s why?
  • Eliminate the issue of overbilling and underbilling clients.
  • Billable and non-billable hours calculation is automated.
  • Maintain strong relationships with old and new clients.
  • Fairly and timely pay your employees.
  • Directly transfer your staff’s salaries to their accounts.