Remote employee monitoring software: Time to add a new definition for monitoring performance

Remote employee monitoring software

Monitoring the productivity of the employees isn’t easy, especially in these pandemic-laden days. That is why most business leaders get baffled while deciding whether it could be an utterly remote working or a hybrid model?

Sound like you? Then, you are in the right place.

This blog will not list out the verbose description related to how an employee monitoring software works.

Instead, we will show out the real-time scenario of remote work monitoring software—things that can easily resonate with your organization and your employees. In turn, it will lead you to bump into a higher bracket.

It’s that astonishingly simple.

A new approach to monitoring the staff has already led many professionals to feel insecure, uneasy, and paranoid while working. With the upheaval of the hybrid working model, managers are keeping a closer eye on the workforce while working remotely. However, industry leaders are now tackling the new workplace issue with remote work monitoring software.

What are the challenges of managing the remote workforce, and how DeskTrack is mitigating the same?

We all know that COVID has disrupted a mellifluous economy. Therefore, it would be no surprise that more and more people will continue to work from home in 2022. However, business leaders are facing challenges while managing the workforce.

People are indeed experiencing the financial rewards of remote workplaces, including decreasing capital expenses. However, there are a few unknown factors that are hitting consistently. 

Considering all the elements, managing remote teams can be challenging. Let’s take a look at those challenges-

Attendance and low productivity issue

Sometimes leaders complain about the low productivity of working remotely. Although, that is not correct. According to CoSo, 77% of employees are performing well than the in-house team. However, this is only possible when one chooses the right company and its consequent culture. For remote work, productivity matters the most. As per an employee of a renowned IT company, “I manage to work longer hours irrespective of the distractions at home. After long hours of Skype/Zoom call, I can rejuvenate myself, which is impossible while working from the office. This helps me to bring out the best in terms of productivity.” Not only one person, instead 95% of the employees are experiencing the same.

The way to recognize attendance and productivity issues is by adopting the Desktrack remote employee monitoring software. It can monitor all the web traffic, followed by monitoring all the tit-bits of employees’ activity. You can also use this for regular attendance and time-tracking.

Desktrack will also track how often the employee is working. You can also check the idle time and any issue the employee is facing. Therefore, you can efficiently manage your team.

Weak security issues

If you are working on personal assets, you know how essential is to enhance the company’s security system. While your employees are working remotely, there are high chances of ransomware/spyware attacks on their respective systems. It can lead to potential insider threats.

You can say that an experienced IT team can mitigate these issues firsthand. It’s true. However, Desktrack can detect any anomalies, followed by forwarding the same to the IT department. This will help the employees concentrate on their work rather than manually asking the IT team to solve the problem.

Poor workflow

Do you want to see your company at the pinnacle of success? Then, you make sure that your work should get done within time. However, how is it possible without clear communication and proper project management? Many companies still rely on messaging applications, but if you start using the Desktrack application, you can see the results in your own eyes. It will help your employees to maintain the workflow, which will improve the entire project management. Also, you can monitor their workload balance. It will help the remote workers to understand they you care about their well-being and stress levels.

Is remote work monitoring software will worthy for your enterprise?

From the above discussion, it is evident that remote employee monitoring software can be conducive for you and the employees. Based on day-to-day activity, you can gauge what an individual is performing and how productive they are. Well, we know no-one-size fits all. However, the remote work monitoring software will help everyone maintain productivity, including leaving a transparent picture about the entire day’s work. Being a team leader, you also want the same. What could be better than Remote Desktop Monitoring Software?

Do You Know?

Stats show businesses can cut the 40% operational cost which is spent directly or indirectly over resources, by setting the hybrid & work from home teams, consequently from 40%, 10% needs to spent on the technology solutions like remote work monitoring or time tracking software which in result save 30% of their operational cost & boost productivity by 40%. However, make sure you should not compromise on the employees’ conformity, including the quality of the work they do.


Woo, you are learning about the challenges while monitoring a team remotely. With employee monitoring software, you can reach dizzying new heights. With Desktrack, you can manage the hybrid workplace effectively. An application that will help you manage the attendance, performance analytics, improvement areas, etc. Start your free trial today.

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