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Employee Monitoring & Time Tracking Software - 1 Stop Solution

for Work From Home, Remote, Freelancers, In-house Teams

  • Workforce Analytics
  • Desktop Monitoring
  • Activity Time Tracking
  • 100% Transparency
  • Productivity Booster
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All In One Employee Monitoring

  • Real time insights of office, work from home & remote teams work
  • Desktop monitoring software to manage 100% transparency at workplace
  • Time tracking software for recording actual login, logout, working & idle/break time
  • Manage the payroll with accurate timesheets & productivity reports
  • Get actual logs to analyze employee performance
  • Optimize team's workflow & business process
  • 40% improvement in employee's focus & productivity
  • Reduce operational cost by 35%

Workforce Analytics To Boost Productivity In
Hybrid Working Model

Productivity Monitoring Software To Empower
The Key Of Success

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Workforce Analytics

Desktop monitoring software for 100% transparency to take fact-based decisions.


Desktop monitoring software helps us to identify the skill gaps and makes easy for managers to fill these gaps with resources and technology. Employee monitoring software drive employees performance with the perfect tone at the perfect time.

  • Effort v/s outcome analysis
  • Increase in work engagement
  • Selfessement to motivate teams at work
  • Predictive analysis & objective decisions
  • Appraisals as per efforts & outcomes

Attendance & Timesheets

Time tracking software to save 40 working hours in a week & managing the payroll


Managing attendance can be easy with biometrics or registers but it may carry errors & require human efforts, also it doesn't give insights on how time flies for the day. Digital era data-driven technologies when integrated with the time tracking software provides actual insights of the day.

  • Automated timesheets to ease the payroll
  • Break/idle & meeting time analysis
  • Time analytics on activities performed
  • Insights for overtime calculation and efforts made
  • Streamlined workflow to overcome unplanned activities

Activity Tracking

Analyze loops, efforts & outputs to evaluate team's performance


Tedious job to track the outcomes and the inefficient practices as there is no automatic way for data collection of team's work, incase team leads/ managers manage then also it's manual and time taking. With productivity monitoring software get the insights of work done with the detailed analytics automatically.

  • Automated data collection drives more visibility
  • "0" manual efforts & errors with automated data analytics
  • Identify gaps & inefficient practices
  • Overcome operational challenges
  • Optimizing business processes and workflow

Comprehensive Dashboard

Transparent performance analysis for overall operational & performance optimization


Reporting is always important to evaluate a team's performance but it's always a problem. Get user-friendly & comprehensive dashboards to view the automated generated reports with contactless data to evaluate the outputs.

  • Unified dashboard to bring 100% transparency
  • Summarize teamwork report at single portal
  • Manager & employee logins for team & self assessment
  • Role-based report assignment
  • Access team from anywhere anytime via web & mobile apps

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End-to-end data security, 0.01% risk

  • Do not record your key logs (login and credit card details).
  • Not tracking the personal data
  • 100% data security
  • Data is stored & transferred in an encrypted format
  • Follow the data compliance & industry standards.
Data Security

Features of DeskTrack

Silent & Visible Working

Desktop Activity Logs

Login & Logout

Working & Idle Hour

Online & Offline Tracking

Application Tracking

URL Tracking

File Tracking

Department & Teamwise Analytics

Productivity Calculator


Fixed & Flexible Hours

Unified Logins

Organizational Hierarchy Mapping

Pause & Resume


Mobi Track

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Overall a very good software at good pricing. Very user-friendly and good analytical analysis. Customer support u would
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Wonderful experience, the software has reduced the manual workload. Great software!! We are happy to share feedback
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  • 4.7 / 5

Good Time tracking And Monitoring software. I am using nearly 1 year. support is good, Cost is normal for users
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The overall experience with the Desktrack was excellent. Faced some issues in the starting but then after resolution,
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