Field Employee Tracking Software

Ensure the roles and responsibilities of your employees through field employee tracking software. Track and supervise your workforce with real-time location management-based tools more systematically and smoothly.

  • Monitor live location
  • Evaluate employee performance
  • Prevent fraud
  • Manage employee activities
  • Login/Logout

Field employee tracking software

The reasons why employers need to
monitor the field team

Actual visit of the employee

With the help of field staff tracking software india, managers can easily track the actual visit of their employees. They can know if the employee has visited the site or not or is wasting time somewhere else, busy with some personal work or anything.

Time spent on the location

The actual visit is necessary to boost your connections and grow your business in a better way. Likewise, the track of time spent on the location during work hours is very important as this will let you know the actual efforts made by your employee.

Route of the visit

Field employee tracking software helps you track the route of the location by tracking its distance. The software will help companies know the expenses and costs that they will be going to spend on their staff working in the field.

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Know the importance of the field employee
mobile tracking app

Importance of the field employee mobile tracking app

Manage Usage

Keep your field employees focused on the work with DeskTrack MobiTrack by monitoring app usage during their working hours. Get detailed insights in real-time by tracking their performance level and work location.

Get Productivity Insights

Whitelist and blacklist apps as per team responsibilities and effectively calculate productivity. Also, setting the time limit on app usage so that the team can use them & productivity will not be affected.

Boost Team Engagement

Classify apps as per the functional nature to identify areas where the team is occupied. Get on to team engagement by tracking the time spent on communication, documentation, entertainment, etc.

Remove Distraction

Analyze activities as per the team’s roles & responsibilities and tasks assigned. Help teams remove distractions by identifying idle and excess time spent on unproductive applications.

Easy monitor & manage your field employees with our
field employee tracking app

Features of field employee tracking software

DeskTrack field staff tracking software is the most secure, easy, potent, and manageable option for any enterprise and company to improve their overall productivity.

Live location tracking

DeskTrack field employee tracking platform allows you to track your field and remote employees in real-time and from anywhere and anytime.

Attendance management

Employees can manage their attendance data without visiting their particular offices and can punch in and punch out from anywhere with the field employee tracking tool.

Remote task management

Managers and admins can get detailed updates about the recorded and ongoing employee work progress and performance through DeskTrack field staff tracking software.

Apps & sites management

Leaders can track the previous and present data of apps and sites opened and utilized by employees with time spent on them. Get detailed reports of employees with their contacts and location.

Report management

Field employee tracking app allow to download or auto-schedule the information via email for attendance reports and stops or assignments in excel format.

How field employee tracking software can be
useful for organizations?

Below given are some of the points that will let you know how field employee tracking software can be useful for any organization:

Exact timesheets with time tracking

Get exact timesheets of your remote, field, and work-from-home employees and track the time spent on each project or task with an advanced field employee monitoring platform.

Measure productivity with detailed reports

Calculate all active, away, and idle time of each one of your employees and help them improve their focus and responsibility by tracking productive and non-productive time spent during a day on tasks or projects.

Monitor employee work

Monitor employee work and get insights in real-time to have the productive, unproductive, and idle time spent on the system by the employees in their total working hours and helps them increase their focus on work.

Visibility with screenshots

Create a clear report of employee activity and work performance. Track and analyze suspicious behavior & activities at work with real-time screenshot monitoring. Also, DeskTrack does not invade employee privacy and makes it enable/disable for the users.

Manage field employees

With the help of the field staff tracking app, you can track your employees for how long they have worked at their assigned job location. The software will track the login and logout time of an employee when they start and stop their work with time duration.

Monitor both desk and field employees

DeskTrack employee monitoring software helps you to track and monitor your on-site employees. Whereas the DeskTrack MobiTrack application will help track time on mobile usage & applications opened by the team working in the field during work time by locating the locations & times.

Field employee tracking software

Why DeskTrack MobiTrack ?

Easy to Use

Keeping all types of industries in mind, from small to large, DeskTrack MobiTrack is built with an intuitive user interface and is easy to operate with significant understanding.


The DeskTrack field staff attendance solution is consistent with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems providing flawless productivity.

Real-time Locations

With the help of DeskTrack employee tracking solutions, managers or admins can monitor and track the real-time location of their employees with what they are up to.


DeskTrack employee tracking solutions contain the flexibility to integrate with other existing applications with ease.

Detailed reports

Monitor your employees and track their working time under a single console and generate real-time detailed reports of your employees anytime.

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Who needs field employee tracking software?

Field employee tracking software is useful to multiple industries:

Sales & Marketing

Managing and monitoring the sales and marketing team is demanding as it holds multiple projects with different clients, and if you are not tracking time accordingly, you might lose an effective deal. Therefore, field staff tracking software India helps you track your team in no time.

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Sales & Marketing for field employee tracking
Construction Works for field employee tracking

Construction Works

Keep a tab on each employee’s duty to reduce the waste of time. Field Service Management solution helps you provide quality & convenient delivery and better monitoring of workers, leaders, materials, and labor progress.

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Retail staff tracking

Track your employees working hours and their attendance with the login/logout feature that will provide you the actual data of employees' presence at work.

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Retail staff employee tracking
Delivery Staff tracking

Delivery Staff tracking

Track your employees with their location through field staff task management software and get the complete details of delivery, clients, and ongoing and upcoming tasks.

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Any field staff tracking

The field service management software application is useful for any enterprise that works in the field. It helps managers and admins to have a complete track of employee work and productive time spent during working hours. Also, it lets them know the real-time location of their employees.

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Any field staff tracking

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Answers to commonly asked questions.

What is DeskTrack MobiTrack?

DeskTrack MobiTrack is a mobile application developed by DeskTrack employee monitoring software that tracks mobile utilization during work time & evaluates overall productivity for teams working on desktop & mobile.

What does DeskTrack MobiTrack do?

Track the time spent on calls, and log the time & number of calls done, received, and missed by the team. MobiTrack helps to track time on mobile usage & applications opened by the team during work time. Also, it tracks and monitors the team working in the field by locating the locations & times.

Will a field employee management app boost productivity?

With the help of MobiTrack employee location tracking software, you can boost your workforce productivity with different aspects like time tracking, real-time supervision, and detailed reports. And by tracking and monitoring your employees, you can help them work with more focus and enthusiasm.

Will your field force management software provide real-time reports?

Yes, the admins or managers can generate a real-time report of employee performance and productivity through employee location tracking software. Also, the software has a cloud-based feature that can store the data for future analysis of the reports.

How field employee management apps are useful for managers?

With this application, managers can get complete visibility of work done by employees during their working hours. Also, they can have entire information about employees' current location, work progress, performance, and productive and unproductive time.