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Monitor the URLs and Apps your employees are using with the best Application Tracking Software. Know the exact usage data on files, URLs, and applications. Take control of the efficiency and Increase productivity. Take your business to new heights with DeskTrack.

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All-in-One App & URL Monitoring Tool

Application & URL Tracking Software

Our Application Tracking Software tracks and logs every application and URL your employees use during their work hours. You get every insightful detail including the URL name, time spent on it, activities performed and more. DeskTrack also keeps tabs on the online and offline applications your staff is using, giving you the most accurate productivity insights.

Application & URL Tracking Software
Application Tracking Software

Application Tracking Software

Our Application tracking system does not only keep tabs on applications. However, it follows them. DeskTrack logs every activity your employees perform on the various applications they use during work. This gives you an accurate idea about who is making the most out of their work time. With insightful, organized, and proper details, it becomes hassle-free to evaluate employees and design training programs, if required.

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Productive Time Tracking Software

Want to identify how much output each employee is adding to your company? Our URL monitoring tool calculates the most accurate work and idle hours, along with billable and non-billable hours. Furthermore, you get data on system login-logout and attendance, which helps a lot in calculating how productive each employee is.

Productive Time Tracking Software
Application Tracking System

Application Tracking System

DeskTrack also gives you the option of blacklisting and whitelisting URLs based on their usefulness. Our URL Tracking Application can identify useful and non-useful websites based on your work settings, making whitelisting the former and blacklisting the latter simple. You can also set a timer on specific websites, exceeding which will be marked as unproductive activities.

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URL Tracking Application for Files

Thanks to its advanced tracking features, our application tracking software also accurately monitors and logs file names and paths. Our monitoring software keeps tabs on information including file names, paths, total times spent on them, and activities performed. Managers can quickly and easily identify the top, average, and improvement-needing employees.

URL Tracking Application for Files
Online or Offline: DeskTrack Works All the Time

Advantages of Application & URL Tracking Software

Application tracking system, which is also embedded with URL and file tracking, is a beneficial tool for companies who wish to keep a tab on productivity of their employees. The software helps managers and senior executives gain insightful details of their staff’s activities and even identify suspectful behavior.

shape Advantages of Application & URL Tracking Software
Keep tabs and logs on URLs and tools your team members use.
Categorize URLs into whitelist (useful) and blacklist (non-useful).
Monitor your employees’ work time utilization.
Get the most accurate performance metrics with DeskTrack.
Boost team efficiency and productivity.
Optimize the overall workflow of your organization.

Application and URL Tracking Software: How Does it Work?

Our Application Tracking Software, DeskTrack effortlessly monitors every detail of the URLs and applications your employees are using. Here’s how it will work for you?


Download our Application

Register for a free account and download DeskTrack - our application and URL Tracking Software.


Add Users

Add details of employees you wish to track in our URL Tracking Application.


Define the Categories

Next, you will need to set the websites you want our URL Monitoring Tool to monitor.


Categorize the URLs and Apps

Our URL tracking service tool provides you the feature to categorize the URLs under different labels. For example, you can put twitter under the social media category.


Set Productivity and Categorization

You can further subcategorize specific URLs and applications as useful (whitelist) and non-useful (blacklist) in our URL Monitoring Tool.


Start Monitoring

Now, you are all set to start monitoring with our Application and URL Tracking Software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Desktrack.

DeskTrack logs activities performed on and information regarding URLs and applications, including application usage time, website name, URL interactions, and time spent on each. It gives you the most accurate productivity metrics based on these values.

The Application and URL Tracking Software can collect comprehensive data on URLs and applications your employees use. Furthermore, it also identifies which applications and URLs are productive and unproductive.

As per our guidelines, we keep all the data collected encrypted, safe and secure, which is a necessity for all application and URL Tracking Software.

Yes, you can monitor individual employees and get separate performance metrics and reports for each through an application and URL tracking software. You can get useful information including crucial data on applications, files, and URLs, which also makes analyzing individual user behavior easy.

No, there are no limitations in monitoring applications and websites through DeskTrack. Our application can track every website, application, and file your employees visit along with logging insightful details.

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