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Employees Panel

Employees Panel

Employees can make and send leave requests to managers within a few minutes. All they have to do is input details like duration, leave type, start and end date, and reason and send it to their managers.

Managers Panel

Managers get a similar panel from where they can disapprove or approve leaves with a single click. Employees will immediately see the update on their time off request with the reason why their request was accepted or denied.

Managers Panel

Even Better Leave Management with Integrations

The best thing about DeskTrack is that it can integrate with any tool for added functionality. For instance, we have recently integrated with Zoho - People Leave Management and GreytHR. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about getting lags or bugs. You can integrate our software with any and all tools as long as it’s compatible. What else do you need? Productivity monitoring and time tracking? Our software has got you covered with the best features.

The User-Friendly Time Off Panel

Leave Type

Leave Type

This is whether the employees want a personal leave, casual leave, or any other type of leave. Your employees can select this from a single pop-up.

Leave Duration

Leave Duration

Whether the employees want a full day, second half, or first half leave. Team members who want the leave can set this within a few seconds.

Start Date

Start Date

The date on which your employee wants the leave. Your employees can easily view the dates available for time off.

End Date & Leave Reason

End Date & Leave Reason

This is the date on or after which they will return to the office. Your employee must specify the reason for why they need the time off.

The Benefits of Leave Management with DeskTrack

The Benefits of Leave Management with DeskTrack

Managing leaves can be an overwhelming task for managers and HRs. However, with DeskTrack, it’s the complete opposite. Here’s why it makes the process simple, easy, fast, and effective.

  • Let you create shifts and add as many employees as you want
    Employees can send leave requests to their managers within a few minutes and clicks.
  • You can adjust them as far in advance as you prefer
    Managers can approve or disapprove leaves hassle-free.
  • Optimal Processes
    Employees and managers can see time off requests and updates in real-time.
  • Optimal Processes
    DeskTrack provides a user-friendly interface for every process.

Get Started

Ready to optimize leave approvals? DeskTrack will do the job of time
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The HR Management Software Organizations Prefer

With DeskTrack, project management is easy now. We are able to reach a timeline within the delivery dates and produce productivity employee wise. Our Project management process has become smoother and aligned. Projects and Employees are more planned .

Keith Corrigan

CEO at small business

Automated project time tracking helps rectify lags in time deliverables and imitate what is going wrong. Employees are more focused towards work and self analysis is helping them analyze distractions and efficient time management.

Shailendra Revankar

Owner at small business

Great tool to maintain a balance between office and work from home employees. We get a clearer picture of what has been worked upon and how efficient we are at work. Being a manager I can get a clear picture of what is going on in just a few seconds.


Managing Director at small business

DeskTrack gave us a one stop solution regarding login and logout times of employees. It enables the visibility of productivity by telling who is “Working Late” instead of “Staying late”. It has great dashboards and awesome real time reports.

Todd Bavol

Managing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the DeskTrack.

Managing time off requests is a challenging task for managers, especially if there is a large team sending multiple requests. However, if leave management software is implemented for assistance, it will.
  • Save valuable time for managers by making the process simple and fast.
  • Provide a user-friendly interface for approving and disapproving leaves.
  • Employees and managers get real-time updates on time off requests.

DeskTrack is the best software to handle time off requests. The software provides unique and time-saving features, which aid managers in making leave management a hassle-free task.
  • The software provides features such as a user-friendly panel, which makes approving and disapproving leaves fast and simple.
  • Easy integrations with other software add more functionality.
  • Employees can send leave requests to their managers within a few minutes and clicks.
  • Employees and managers can see time off requests and updates in real-time.
  • DeskTrack provides a user-friendly interface for every process.