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Know everything regarding work time with DeskTrack. Our tool helps you make the most accurate performance reviews with detailed insights. Identify time deviations and optimize your future with the best employee performance solution.

Optimal Employee Management. Learn more
Employees Comply with Work Hours. Learn more
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A 40% Productivity Boost: Now That’s Something

A company’s success depends on efficient staff, which must be optimal. Even better, if it increases. Let our performance evaluation tool do the job. With DeskTrack, you can increase efficiency by up to 40%. Get amazing results with the software now.

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Optimal Employee Management

Optimal Employee Management

Our performance evaluation system provides the most accurate automatic functionality. It generates daily performance timesheets, which assist you in identifying resources used, total work hours, and time cost, project-wise.

Employees Comply with Work Hours

The more punctual the employees, the more productivity. How will you identify that? DeskTrack generates daily performance reviews, which help you promote accountability and timeliness in your staff.

Employees Comply with Work Hours
Decrease Time Deviation

Decrease Time Deviation

For maximum productivity, you require the minimum or if possible, 0 time deviation between employee login and work start time. DeskTrack logs these values and calculates time deviation.


Great tool to maintain a balance between office and work from home employees. We get a clearer picture of what has been worked upon and how efficient we are at work. Being a manager I can get a clear picture of what is going on in just a few seconds.


Managing Director at small business

Automated project time tracking helps rectify lags in time deliverables and imitate what is going wrong. Employees are more focused towards work and self analysis is helping them analyze distractions and efficient time management.

Shailendra Revankar

Owner at small business

DeskTrack gave us a one stop solution regarding login and logout times of employees. It enables the visibility of productivity by telling who is “Working Late” instead of “Staying late”. It has great dashboards and awesome real time reports.

Todd Bavol

Managing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Desktrack.

Performance evaluation of staff is not just one small but a broader element of companies. You can evaluate your employees in 4 ways.
  • Manager-led reviews.
  • Peer-based evaluations.
  • Self-performance assessments.
  • 360-Degree feedback.

In a project environment monitoring performance plays a key role in productivity and success. Regularly reviewing the performance of your employees ensures:
  • More efficient teamwork in coordination and other metrics.
  • Smoother project completion within the deadline.
  • Performance evaluation measures, if applied properly, you can use them to convert inefficiencies to efficiencies, generating more profits in the long run.
  • DeskTrack simplifies all these processes with automated timesheets.

DeskTrack provides you with daily accurate automated timesheets based on performance evaluations (activity tracking data). These help you boost efficiency by up to 40%.
  • You get Evaluations with detailed insights on staff activity logs.
  • You can use them to reschedule tasks or create other optimal solutions.
  • The final output is increased efficiency and productivity by up to 40%.

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