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Are you frustrated with slipped delivery dates or missed work excuses as and when? Do you struggle to identify the right team members who are adding value to your business or who are indolent?

DeskTrack's activity tracker can be a shortcut to success for your organization. We can assist you in gaining insights into your team's work habits, improve productivity, identify leakages and save resources.

  • Improve Productivity in 90 Days
  • Enhance Efficiency more than 30%
  • Boost Performance & Trust starting in just 4 weeks
  • Develop 100% Transparency & Accountability

Time Tracking Software for Employees

DeskTrack - One-stop Solution for Remote Work

Consolidating work of different teams With DeskTrack:

  • Keeping Track of team’s attendance.
  • Identifying problems with hybrid teams.
  • Setting benchmarks for deliveries and goals.
  • Calculating working time of the remote teams.
  • Monitoring productivity and efficiency of the remote teams.
  • Identifying who is working as desired or distractions are prominent.
  • Helping to make better decisions based on data who is working great at home and who is working at their best in office , and then offering customized privileges , instead of putting generic solutions and lose your excellent resources.
Activity Tracking Software in india

An Activity Tracking Software to Address Your Productivity Concerns

Say goodbye to wasted time and money with DeskTrack's activity monitoring software. It is the ultimate activity tracker to track and optimize your team's performance.

best employee time management app in india

Monitor Internet & App Usage

DeskTrack allows you to know which applications and websites your team members use throughout their working hours and track how much time they spend on every app and URL.

best employee time management app in india

Track Team’s Productivity

We help you collect data on your team’s actual productive time, identify their idle time, and know the peak productivity time. This data can help you plan strategies to make your teams more productive and efficient.

best time management app

Determine Activity Logs

Our activity tracking software helps you know the real-time activity of your workforce by getting snapshots. We also allow you to turn screen monitoring on and off as per your requirement and specify them for apps and websites.

best time management app for employee

Access Auto-Generated Reports

DeskTrack is the best activity monitor that allows you to access auto-generated reports including crucial data such as employee productivity, time spent on different tasks and projects, and employee attendance. This data helps you make more informed decisions that rely on facts rather than verbal feedback.

best time management app for employee

Blacklist App to Limit Distractions

DeskTrack allows employers to blacklist unnecessary and destructive applications and websites depending on the job roles to keep teams engaged. We also allow employers to set time limits for different applications.

Pomodoro Timer

Whitelist App to Enhance Productivity

Our advanced activity monitor has a feature to access customizable whitelisting of apps and websites as per individual’s key responsibilities. The more usage of whitelisted apps suggests improved productivity of employees.

Work Time Tracking of Employees with an Advanced Time Tracker

Calculate the exact work hours and identify the efforts of your workforce with DeskTrack.

Does DeskTrack Ensure Security and Trust for Users?

Secure your team's sensitive and confidential data along with meeting legal and ethical compliance by introducing our activity monitor to your daily operations.

Activity Tracking Software with Ensure Security
  • Prevent your team's personal and private data from hackers by allowing flexible settings to select URLs and apps to be monitored.
  • Provide employees direct access to their collected data, promote transparency within organizations, and get loyal employees who trust you.
  • Acknowledge the actual deserving people by accessing data from our activity tracker and make data-driven decisions for promotions and recognitions.

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Who Can Benefit from DeskTrack: The Best Activity Tracker?

Experience DeskTrack, the best activity tracking software, and enhance productivity, streamline processes, and take control of your team’s performance.

Enterprises & Businesses

Be it remote workforce or in-office employees, activity tracking is Simplified, Efficient, and Accurate with DeskTrack. We offer the best activity monitoring tool to enhance your security and optimize the operations of your organization.

Remote and Hybrid Teams

Gather every minor detail of your remote team’s activity without worrying about the distance with our advanced time tracker. We make remote employee tracking simple as if you are tracking them on the desk right next to yours.

Individuals & Freelancers

Want to save money by hiring freelancers instead of full-time employees? But, monitoring their activity is taking you back. We empower you to track every activity of outsourced service providers and get effective results to save time and cost.

DeskTrack: A Time Tracking Tool for Accurate Tracking

Find how we can help.

Activity Tracking Software in india

DeskTrack: Easy to Download and Offers a User-friendly Interface

Step 1: Find the DeskTrack App on your Operating System.

Step 2: Download the DeskTrack Application.

Step 3: Sign up for the DeskTrack’s Free Trial.

Step 4: Launch the Activity Tracking Software on your System.

Step 5: Start Tracking.

Experience the Next Level Visibility in Your Workforce with DeskTrack

The best activity monitor in the market to gain insights into your workforce’s productivity and drive efficiency like never before.

Any Time, Any Industry - One Solution: DeskTrack

Test if our time tracking software works for your organization or not by accessing the free Demo.

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Wonderful experience, the software has reduced the manual workload. Great software!! We are happy to share feedback
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What is an Online Activity Monitoring System?

Activity monitoring software is essential to track user behavior and monitor their activity on computer devices. Organizations use activity monitoring software to track and gather real-time analytics of their employees' productivity and system activity. They can detect potential risks, misusage, data theft threats, and other similar concerns.

Using effective activity tracking software provides employers with essential data that helps in identifying the real performers. They enable them to get an overview of employee activities in their organizations.

Which is the Best Practice for User Activity Monitoring?

User activity monitoring tools are essential equipment to prevent data breaches and other cybersecurity concerns. Today these activity tracking software are essential in organizations to keep track of employees' activity and monitor them.

Although activity tracking software is effective, the users must ensure to follow the best practices for using them. The best practices for using user activity tracking software are:

  • Be Transparent about Monitoring: Employers should inform their employees in advance about their activity monitoring. They should be transparent about the quantity of monitoring. Obtaining prior consent from the employees is also recommended. Most monitoring clauses are already available in an organization’s contractual agreements or user agreements.
  • Privileged Access to Limited Users: Important users such as data analysts, marketers, cybersecurity experts, etc should be allowed privileged access so that there are minimized data privacy risks. However, admin tools and system protocols should be restricted.
  • Strong Authentication: The usage of employee activity tracking software requires a strong authentication like two or multi-factored authentication. The users need to draft better data protection policies that outline acceptable use, adequate handling of sensitive data, authorized services, and applications. The companies should understand their obligations and double-check compliance with data protection rules.
  • Educate Users: Employers must plan training programs guiding their employees about user activity tracking software, their features, the best methods to use, etc. This will help employees to use tools efficiently, without fears of data theft.

What does Activity Monitoring Software Track?

An Activity Tracking Software tracks the computer system activity of users. It tracks them:

  • Web Usage

  • Application Usage

  • Keystrokes

  • Mouse Clicks

  • Locations Calls

  • Computer Screen

  • Emails

  • Files

How is Employee System Activity Monitored?

Monitoring Employee Activity is simplified with advanced software like Activity Tracking Software that can track the computer system activity of employees working remotely, away from employers' locations. They are important to track employees’ internet activity, application usage, productivity, and different other activities.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What is User Activity Tracking Software?

A user activity tracking software is important to track the real-time activity of employees and their system activity. They are essential to monitor computer activity, and efficiency, especially remote and hybrid workers. With advanced activity trackers, employers can gather data about user activity that supports decision-making.

Are Activity Trackers Safe?

Computer Activity Trackers, also known as Activity Tracking Software are safe but only if users follow the best practices. The use of Activity Monitoring Software must be transparent to employees and be with their consent. Tracking employee activity helps in identifying potential threats like cyberattacks, data thefts, etc.

Is Activity Tracking Useful?

Yes, Activity Tracking is useful for both employees and employers. Activity trackers are a vital data collection and employee productivity monitoring tool. Whereas, for employees, Activity Tracking Software is essential for actual recognition of their efforts, promoting a healthy work environment with balanced workloads.

What is a Smart Activity Tracking Tool?

A smart Activity Tracking Tool performs tracking only those activities that enhance productivity at a workplace. And, does not track data for illegal use. A smart activity tracker keeps your team's data confidential and safe from data thefts and cyber attacks.

What are the Benefits of Online Tracking?

The common benefits of tracking employee data include minimizing security risks and enhancing efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The Activity Tracking Software benefits not only the employers to track employees but is also helpful in HR and administrative activities. Activity Trackers help employees to get recognition for their work.