Smooth HR Processes

Integrate a little automation into the onboarding processes with DeskTrack. Streamline Solutions by creating tasks at various stages. Track progress and handle promotions, demotions, and a lot more with ease of use and a user-friendly interface.

Optimal payrolls. No fuss. Learn more
No need for manual entry and verification. Learn more
Accurately spot absence patterns. Learn more
Integrate leave management. Learn more

HRs Get The Ease Of Access

With DeskTrack, the job of your HR is simplified with a user-friendly interface. All the tasks including hiring, terminations, promotions, demotions, leave approvals, disapprovals, payroll management, and related work can be done in just a few clicks.

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Optimized HR Processes

Optimized HR Processes

DeskTrack provides advanced features for tracking attendance and managing work time utilization. Get insightful data, which helps you generate accurate payrolls and more with ease of access.

Eliminate Manual Entry and Verification

No need for manual entry and verification, saving you large time and money costs on these procedures. Our Tool logs biometric and system attendance with deviations, helping you decide efficiency.

Eliminate Manual Entry and Verification
Accurately Spot Absence Patterns

Accurately Spot Absence Patterns

Get the most out of your human resources with DeskTrack. Spot patterns, trends, and anomalies in attendance, thanks to the automatic attendance logging feature. Our software simplifies identifying these issues.

Integrate Leave Management

DeskTrack enables smooth leave management from one platform. Easily approve and disapprove leaves with one click. HRs, employees, administrators, and managers have the same dashboard interface for zero confusion.

Integrate Leave Management


Managing Director at small business

Great tool to maintain a balance between office and work from home employees. We get a clearer picture of what has been worked upon and how efficient we are at work. Being a manager I can get a clear picture of what is going on in just a few seconds.

Shailendra Revankar

Shailendra Revankar

Owner at small business

Automated project time tracking helps rectify lags in time deliverables and imitate what is going wrong. Employees are more focused towards work and self analysis is helping them analyze distractions and efficient time management.

Todd Bavol

Todd Bavol

Managing Director

DeskTrack gave us a one stop solution regarding login and logout times of employees. It enables the visibility of productivity by telling who is “Working Late” instead of “Staying late”. It has great dashboards and awesome real time reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the Desktrack.

A simple solution to improve HR processes is to make managing them easier. Here’s how you can do it with DeskTrack.
  • All the processes such as payroll, hiring, and more can be scheduled, prepared, and done with a few clicks.
  • The application even generates automatic reports.
  • It assists HR and managers perform these tasks faster and better.

Leave management is a crucial aspect for HR managers. Approving sensible leaves and disapproving non-sensible leaves is a very important task for any HR of an organization. With DeskTrack, it becomes simple and fast with a single-platform interface.
  • HRs and managers can see leave requests in real-time.
  • Approving and disapproving leaves can be done with a single click.
  • HRs and employees get real-time updates on everything.

Payroll is a very crucial element for any organization, the values related to salaries, bonuses, etc., must be very accurate, otherwise, it can result in losses. DeskTrack is the best tool, which integrates the payroll function.
  • The monthly attendance reports are calculated automatically via the system in-out and biometric details
  • This helps you make optimal and accurate payrolls every time.

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