How to change DeskTrack Admin Id’s password?

There are two ways to change the password of the Admin Account

When you know the old password

  1. Log in to the Admin Account
  2. Click on Admin Email/Company Name and click on Change Password
  3. Enter the old password and after that enter New Password
  4. Now when you are logging the account you have to use the new password

When you forgot the old password

  1. Go to DeskTrack Web page and click on Login –> Forgot password
  2. Now Enter your registered email and click on send
  3. Check your email you will receive a mail, if mail is not received then check the Spam also
  4. In the mail, you will receive the Reset password Link

  5. Click on the Reset Password button it will redirect to the webpage to change the password
  6. Now enter the new password and click on save
  7. When you click on save then your password will change and Now you can log in to the DeskTrack webpage and application with this new password


Password must be between 10 – 20 characters and contain at least one uppercase, lowercase, special character & numeric digit.

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