Application Usage Monitoring To Track Team’s Engagement

Track employee work patterns, skill gaps & productivity with activity analytics from application usage monitoring software.

  • 100% transparency
  • Productive & unproductive insights
  • Enhance employee performance
  • Behavior pattern analysis

Application Usage Monitoring To Track Team’s Engagement
Application Tracking for every platform

Application Tracking for Every Platform

Monitor and record your employee's activities with computer system monitoring software and get access to employee's logs and system screens in real-time. The system monitoring software can be installed and operated on a

WFH Office
Remote freelancers

Monitor Every ASpplication Usage and mMnage
Employee Working Patterns

Know the Importance of Application Monitoring Software


Keep your employees focused on the workplace or remotely with DeskTrack by monitoring app usage during their working hours. Get detailed insights in real-time by tracking their performance level.

Productivity Insights

Whitelist and blacklist apps as per team responsibilities and effectively calculate productivity. Also, setting the time limit on app usage so that the team can use them & productivity will not be affected.

Team Engagement

Classify apps as per the functional nature to identify areas where the team is occupied. Get on to team engagement by tracking the time spent on communication, documentation, entertainment, etc.

Saas Management

Get the application logs from DeskTrack to identify SAAS-based applications & their usage. Manage technology investment on SaaS apps, compare the cost spent & utilization, to identify & control unnecessary expenses.


Analyze activities as per the team’s roles & responsibilities and tasks assigned. Help teams remove distractions by identifying idle and excess time spent on unproductive applications.

Know How your Teams Assign Time to Work with
Application Monitoring Software


DeskTrack helps architects by monitoring their per-day activities and providing a detailed overview of the time spent on each application & files opened by them. Applications like Revit Architecture, AutoCAD, SketchUp, photoshop, MagicPlan, etc. can be monitored & classified as whitelisted and other irrelevant apps as blacklisted to track productive and unproductive hours. These insights increase the team’s efficiency, improve employee work performance, and allow you to plan future projects more precisely.

Software Industry

DeskTrack helps in managing remote, on-site & hybrid workplaces effectively by providing 100% visibility of employee day-to-day activities. Managers and HR can improve and analyze workforce productivity. Application monitoring tracks the apps used by all teams like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Mega Creator, Affinity Designer, Adobe InDesign for designers, JavaScript, HTML5, or CSS, ASP, NET, PHP, Java, Xcode, android studio for web & app developers, to track time on projects and Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, notepad, etc. for HRs, marketing team to track time on documentation. Tracking app usage can help employees to manage employee workflow and patterns as per their roles and responsibilities.

Insurance Companies

To process a single claim, your team must go through multiple stages and countless repetitive tasks to get an outcome. Get a clear insight to the time taken and application usage that is more related to your employee work like documentation, policy, claims management, underwriting software, etc., with DeskTrack to complete each stage of the claim process. Also, it helps to set clear claim processing duration targets and improve team efficiency.


Monitor students and their performance with DeskTrack application monitoring software. It tracks the daily activity of students done on their system or mobile and provides clear reports, including app usage, time utilization, and many more. It improves the study pattern of students by making them focus on their goals, keeping them away from distractions, and it helps them carry out better results. Similarly, during the smart classes teachers teaching time & practices used by them can be monitored by application & time tracking solutions to track their performance and irrelevant habits at work time.


Analyzing your employees to monitor the progress of work and measure productivity level and time spent in the workplace. The application monitoring software tracks every application usage like 3DS MAX, Computer-aided design, Blender, Sketchbook designer, etc., done on the user's system and offers effective and customizable features to manage them smartly to optimize their productivity. Also, admin/managers can get accurate analytics and reports for employee performance and ensure tasks are finished more productively and profitably.

BPO and Pharma

Track every activity of BPO and pharma employees to gain more actionable insights and increase productivity. With the help of features such as time-tracking, web and app usage, logs, and recorded screenshots, you can accurately monitor your employees’ computer activity. Application monitoring tracks the apps used by all teams like EMedStore, Medico Sales & Distribution, PharmSoft, LOGIC Pharma Wholesale, etc. Tracking app usage can help employees manage workflow and patterns accordingly.

Role Wise Usage of Application
Monitoring Software

Role wise usage of application monitoring software


Identify over and underutilized resources, analyze their performance and skill gaps, ease the payroll process by maintaining the records on the team's presence & absence, timesheets, availability at work & productivity, and empower team leaders with actionable insights.


Identify SAAS-based applications & their usage and monitor different apps used with the same type of functional nature. Also, keep a tab on the investment of SaaS apps, and compare the cost and time spent to manage data security & benchmark irrelevant costs.


Get real-time insights to build an efficient team as per employees' performance. It improves employee engagement by fulfilling organizational goals up to the allotted deadline and helps deliver better outcomes to the workforce.


Enhance work patterns, manage workflow, self-assist yourself, monitor daily activities and application usage, schedule tasks/projects to fulfill organizational goals, and use those insights to identify the over and under-utilized resources.

Improve Workforce Productivity by Monitoring Employee Activity and Application Usage

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How does Desktrack Help in
Application Monitoring?

Productive / Unproductive

Classify applications during working hours as per employees' functional nature into blacklist & whitelist to track productive and unproductive hours. Also, set time limits on apps.

Detail insights

Detail Insights

DeskTrack application tracking software provides the list of applications opened by the team and activities performed in apps like file names, websites opened, meetings done, etc.

Time Exceeds

Know the time spent on email, communication, browsing, documentation, etc., by application tracking and set a time limit on app usage, as per the roles and responsibilities of employees.

Time exceeds


Tracking time spent in the app brings 100% transparency and gives a fair idea of the activities performed by the team in their system during their complete working hours.

Work Hours Utilization

Get a detailed summary of when, where, and how employees are utilizing their time. Track app usage of employees to identify the most and the least occupied resources with their working pattern and get clear insights about work hour utilization.

Work hours utilization

Blacklist / Whitelist

Track the activities and working time of users into productive & unproductive time by classifying app usage as whitelisted & blacklisted, respectively.

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How Application Usage Monitoring Improves Productivity?

By monitoring employee computer activity usage patterns, managers can track working hours and know what activities/tasks are performed by employees during their working hours. It shows each team member's daily summary in the productivity reports as productive and unproductive, where you can check out how much time they have spent on each app.

Why to Track Application Usage?

  • Get screenshots and logs for every second that a user spends within an application and view detailed reports.
  • Categorize applications into blacklist and whitelist as productive or unproductive to get a clear overview of employee productivity levels and configure potential security risks
  • Monitor application usage across your workforce to specify needed apps for business as per the roles and responsibilities

What are the Benefits of Tracking Application Usage?

Tracking application usage will help you know the per-day activities of your employees and the time spent by them on sites that will be classified as productive and unproductive.

  • Better productivity assessment
  • Optimize employee productivity
  • Improves employee accountability
  • Remove insider threat
  • Reduce IT expenses
  • Create transparency

How can the Categorization of Apps Help Employees and Managers?

Monitoring the categories of applications is essential to know the work routine of employees. DeskTrack application tracking makes employee monitoring simple by providing a detailed report of the types of applications utilized during the work day.

  • Enhance productivity: Save time by reviewing employee activity reports and identify the nature of unfamiliar applications without disturbing your workforce.
  • Remove insider threats:View daily work reports of productive and unproductive applications and get detailed insights to eliminate unnecessary risks.
  • Identify gaps:Identify employees who are wasting more time browsing social media, games, and other applications during work time.