How to install DeskTrack App on Windows system?

DeskTrack support Window 7/8/10/11. To install the application in the Window system follow the below steps

Steps to install Agent

  • Login to the web with any admin’s or user’s credentials (which are created in the account)
  • Now move to the Download Agent section and Download the app for Windows 64 BIT
  • Double click on the app to install and restart the system (after the app installation).
  • After restarting the system, the reports of that machine where the app is installed will start publishing


  • DeskTrack’s 64 Bit app is an autologin app where we don’t need to log in the user manually
  • User details (name, email) will be taken from the system’s profile address
  • If the user’s profile name is Gaurav then the DeskTrack user name will be created as Gauravpc9876645@(company domain in which the account is created)
  • To change the DeskTrack user details which are created automatically, go to the user list & click on edit button
  • If you are trying to uninstall the latest autologin app then you have to enter an Uninstallation code which you will get on the company setting page

Please pass the application from Antivirus/proxy. How to pass DeskTrack through Antivirus


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