How to enable private time?

DeskTrack App Pause (Private Time) is the feature of the Tagger version only. With this users can stop tracking for some period of time and resume it back whenever they want to track the system again and that period of time when the app was paused will be calculated to idle hours.

Meanwhile, if the system is reboot then the app will start working automatically on its own

By default, this feature is disabled for all the users, to make it enable, follow the below steps:

  1. Login to Desktrack admin panel
  2. Go to Users–> Click on User List and Select the user which you want to give the private time feature
  3. Now in the tracking section just enable it.

  4. Now in system tray click on DeskTrack logo and pause to enjoy private time
                                            NOTE- This feature will note work in Ubuntu 

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