What is Time at work, Desktop Time and Idle Time?

Time at work is the total time when DeskTrack application is running on the system (whether the system is active or sleep mode or on lock)

Time at work = Desktop Time + Idle Time

Note: Time at Work is not the difference between the login and logout time.

Desktop Time is the actual time users spent on the system while working via keyboard or mouse clicks.

Idle time is calculated when the system is left idle i.e no activity is done on the system by the user. Time tracked for system sleep, lock app, DeskTrack App pause & close is calculated into it.

DeskTrack App Pause (Private Time) is the feature of the Tagger version through which the user can stop tracking for some period of time and resume it back whenever required. Meanwhile, if the system is reboot then the app will start working automatically on its own

Check this Faq: How to enable private time.

DeskTrack App Close entry comes when:

  • The app is killed forcefully by the user
  • The system is turned off and reboot
  • When the app is updated automatically from the DeskTrack Team

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