Monitor Actual Working Hours of Team and Projects. Analyze the team’s performance at a glance.


auto-timesheet Auto Timesheets of Applications and Files Worked

project-activity-report Project and Activity Reports in real-time

team-collaborationTeam Collaboration

catalog-file-webCataloging of files used and web traffic

bad-work-habitsIdentify bad work habits

actual-working-hoursActual working hours

Monitor Time and Desk Activities

  • Auto recording of time spent on PC and Desk Activities
  • Works in invisible mode
  • White List the apps to record productive hours moreover fix the time on apps which are less productive and get the time exceed reports
  • Total time spent on internet, blacklist the URLs like facebook, youtube etc. and record the unproductive hours
  • Track Gmails and time spent on communication on mails

Project Management based on Agile Methodologies

  • Manage the tracked files, folder, or applications as project or tasks by tagging thus identify the time spent on the project or activities.
  • Auto logging of application (Xcode, studio, Autocad, phpstorm, Microsoft excel, keynote etc.) files and monitor the time spent.
  • Detailed reports of the individual activities thus identify the in-efficient or bad work habits and turn to the efficient ones by pushing them via mentoring.
  • Analyze the performance in a glance and do the appraisals by having the actual working reports of the individual