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DeskTrack Remote Work Monitoring Software for a flexible & productive way of working with the best talent across the globe.

  • Proof of Work Done
  • Productivity Booster
  • Remote Workforce Analytics
  • Seamlessly Organise Project Deliveries
  • Real Time Access to Team's Work & Time

remote work monitoring software

Remote Work Monitoring Software Solutions



Tracking work hours & attendance of remote teams is a challenge. Remote work tracking software helps with automated time logs from the time they start & end the day.



Remote work Activity monitoring software to bring an end to end work proof with the list of applications, files, URLs, worked by the team to get into team’s work insights for finding work gaps.

Work Time Utilization

Work Time Utilization

Organizations need to analyze how work time is utilized by the teams. Are they working efficiently on job’s assigned or simply investing time in meetings or the internet.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Classify apps, URLs according to their functional role for finding where teams are engaged to analyze their work habits, workload, performance & increase their focus time.



Remote working brings challenges like time on the internet, meetings, multi-tasking, etc. But it can be easily identified with remote work time utilization & detailed activity insights to increase focus & engagement.

Track on Projects

Track on Projects

Timely deliveries are at risk when teams are remote, using remote work project time tracking software for real-time progress of team's work which helps in proper task allocation & workload management.

Remote Working - A New Normal

Previously 10% of business were working remotely but now 80% of business have shifted to remote or setup hybrid working model.

Shift Your Business With Remote Work Tracking
Software Solutions "DeskTrack"

Shift Your Business With Remote Work Monitoring
Software Solutions"DeskTrack"

Desktop Monitoring

Insights on work time utilization for finding.

  • Work gaps
  • Resource utlization
  • Over & under utlized teams
  • Team's behavior
  • Transparency on worktime Insights

Attendance & Timesheets

Detailed insights on remote & wfh team's work hours to track.

  • Presence & Absence Logs
  • Start & end time for the day
  • Working & Away time

Work Time Analytics

Track time & frequency on activities performed to eliminate unproductive habits.

  • Application logs to choose right solutions for jobs
  • URL tracking for avoiding distractions at work time

Track on Meetings

Evaluate team's time on meeting is it as per their job role.

  • Avoid distarctions caused due to unplanned discussions
  • Highlight long discussion which costs team's work time

Real-time Screen View

Random screenshots as per the time interval for finding.

  • Suspicious activity at work
  • Team Engagement

Performance Insights

Activity classification as per functional role & jobs assigned to evaluate.

  • Productive & unproductive insights
  • Efficiency by activities teams spent time for the day
  • SAAS management

Secure for Every Platform Mac, Windows, Linux

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